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Optimism Reigns, So Says Elance Freelancer Survey.

You don’t have to read between the lines to realize that people are down-right giddy about the future of online work.

Today, we shared results from our global freelance survey, “The State of the Freelance Market.” It reveals that freelancers are extremely optimistic about tomorrow and beyond. For example, 67% of those surveyed expect to earn more in 2013 than 2012. And keep in mind, 57% of freelancers report increased income in 2012 – so that number is even more impressive. In fact, the average freelancer is expecting to earn a whopping 43% more next year.

These figures are in sharp contrast to reports of the anticipated earnings of traditional workers – expected to rise just 3% in 2013.

As the world shifts to online work, freelancers also report greater happiness working as an independent professional. Plus they report being significantly more efficient, as 79% say they’re more productive when working as a freelancer.

Businesses are optimistic too.

“Businesses of one” are equally gaga about the future of freelancing, as 42% of independent professionals surveyed plan to hire freelancers to help build their business in 2013. Combine this with a full 32% of respondents reporting that they use freelancers exclusively for their business, and you see where this going.

See who’s thriving, thanks to freelancing.

View the complete survey results for more specifics on the state of freelancing today. Take a detailed look at professionals and online work, and see why people everywhere are bullish on Elance and the world of freelancing.

If you’re happy and you know it, win great prizes.

Love freelancing? Inspire us with your story. You could win an Apple iPad or other prizes in our fun contest inspired by International Freelancers Day. Check out the contest.



good post
it is good to be in touch with people

Very interesting blog post. It validates why I'm sticking with freelance rather than seeking a full-time job.

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