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Remember Megan? She’s Taking A Startup Bus Sunday.

In yesterday’s blog post you met our fun social media maven, Megan (not her official title, I can’t imagine?).

Now that Megan has gotten a taste for the limelight, all the attention has gone straight to her head. No longer the unassuming social media savant we’ve come to know and love, she’s now demanding to use this blog as her personal forum to discuss Megan’s upcoming trip on a Startup Bus.

Because Elance is a sponsor of Startup Bus 2013, we’re gonna cave into her demands this one time.

Actually, the Startup Bus is a pretty cool story. Six buses take off from 6 different cities (including Mexico City). Each is headed to the South by Southwest conference (SXSW) in Austin. And each has onboard a handful of entrepreneurs, all furiously working around-the-clock to create a new product by the time they roll into Texas (72 hours later).

Several Elancers will also be online helping out when work is needed, and one Elance staffer will be on a bus (yes, Megan). Let’s see what Megan has to say for herself.

1. It’s a heck of a lot easier to fly to Texas. Why on earth take a Startup Bus?

Megan: I’m always up for and adventure and Startup Bus is an experience like no other!  It’s an action-packing three days that gives you a chance to step outside your comfort zone, meet phenomenal people and see companies form overnight.

2. What’s all the fuss about SXSW? Have you been before? Will you bring us back a T-shirt?

Megan: Similar to Startup Bus, SXSW is a conference jam-packed with great people and the hottest startups. It’s where tech people from around the world gather to share their ideas, knowledge and new startups. This will be my third year going to the event, so I know exactly how to maneuver within the chaos. I’ve got my tennis shoes packed and camera ready!

3. What are your road qualifications?

Megan: Road trips are my favorite past time! In fact, my last birthday party took place during a road trip from Vermont to Toronto.   

4. What are you doing to prepare for your adventure on the Startup Bus?

Megan:  I’ve talked to a few alumni from previous Startup Buses, so I have a loose idea of what to expect. But from the sound of it, the best thing to expect is the unexpected!

5. What exactly will you be doing for 72 hours on the Startup Bus?

Megan:  While the “buspreneurs” are busy starting their companies, I’ll be helping them use Elance to build bigger, better and faster companies. I’ll also be sharing photos, stories and videos from the road.

So keep checking back here and on our Facebook Page for more info!





wish i was that place

Really a great experience.
Congratulations to the participants.