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Startup Bus Update: The Rubber Meets The Road

Our Elance staffer Megan reports that a great time is being had by one and all on the still-rolling Startup Bus 2013.

In fact, at least on her bus (which pulled off out of New York City Sunday morning), total exhaustion hasn’t kicked in yet. Amazing, eh? Sounds like energy drinks are flowing free? Perhaps some other beverages too?

Just to get you all caught up, Elance is a sponsor of the Startup Bus competition and Megan is riding shotgun -- helping entrepreneurs use talented Elancers during the 72 hour journey. Here is the story, if you haven’t heard.

Megan’s team rolled into Knoxville at 3:00 am this morning, filled with smart, passionate “buspreneurs” from everyone (Tampa, Oklahoma, Finland, you name it). Megan reports that the biggest challenge so far is finding good Internet service and enough power outlets to charge their many devices. Pretty much the same issues we all face on a daily basis…

Oh, moving around is a problem too, given the space limitations on a bus. That makes sense.

The seven Startup Bus teams will be pitching their business ideas tomorrow, and the top four will continue. Check the Elance facebook page for blow-by-blow details as the completion progresses!