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Startup Month Begins! Pitch Your Idea to Win $5,000 + a VC Meeting, and Check Out Our New Startup Toolkit.

UPDATE: The 6 Finalists from our Bold Idea Pitch Competition have now presented their startup ideas to our esteemed panel of judges. We recorded the event, so watch their presentations.

With June upon and sweltering weather lurking (many places, anyway), we figure it’s time to pay homage to the red-hot startups who are so fun to watch and deserving of help. With that in mind Elance is stepping up for startups in June.Elance Bold Idea Pitch Competition

Startup month begins with a “Bold” competition and a Startup Toolkit.

Elance wants to fuel your bold idea for a startup. And to help bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life, we’re holding a fun online contest.

Called the Elance Bold Idea Pitch Competition, it’s your chance to win one of 10 startup-friendly prizes (including a whopper of a First Place Prize: $5,000 in Elance credits plus an online meeting with two major Silicon Valley venture capitalists: Elance investors Paul Hsiao from NEA and Dan Marriott from Stripes Group). The contest is limited to startups less than two years old, with less than $250,000 in outside funding.

Drooling? Here’s how to enter our startup contest.

To get started simply submit a 90-second video explaining your idea for a startup. The video doesn’t have to be a slick Hollywood production, in fact merely speaking into your laptop’s webcam is fine. We’re only interested in the bold idea behind your startup.

Just make sure your video: 1. Tells us what your startup is all about, 2. Tells us what makes your startup so unique, and 3.) Tells us a little about you and your team. Also make sure your video is 90 seconds or less and note that there’s a June 16 (11:59 pm PDT) deadline to post your video.

We’ll then post qualifying videos online, and from June 17-23 people can vote on favorites (tell friends, family and colleagues to cast their ballot once per day). Popular vote will narrow the candidates down to 10 deserving finalists, and the Elance team will further narrow the field to six.

Then on June 27 the Top 6 Finalists will each have 5 minutes to pitch their idea online to a panel of distinguished judges, via Google+ Hangouts. They will decide the order of the top 3 winners. See details

Check out the prizes:

First Place: $5,000 in Elance credits and an online meeting with Elance Investors Paul Hsiao from NEA and Dan Marriott from Stripes Group

Second Place: $2,500 in Elance credits.

Third Place: $1,000 in Elance credits.

Fourth through Tenth Place: $500 in Elance credits.

Use your Elance credits to hire web programmers, bring on a team of mobile app developers, work with an SEO expert or whoever you need to ramp-up your startup.

Also check out your brand new Startup Toolkit.

We’ve noticed that many startups have great concepts, but don’t know how to bring their ideas to life.Elance Startup Toolkit homepage

To help you deliver on your vision we’ve created a handy Startup Toolkit. It’s your go-to source for information needed to keep the momentum going (no matter what stage your startup is in). Find articles on everything from making sure your startup is a viable idea and writing a business plan to how to build your startup’s prototype and what jobs are perfect for hiring freelancers.

You’ll also find resources for ramping up, lists of sites every startup should follow, links to insightful blog posts from experts and more.

Enjoy startup month at Elance.

We’re proud to be a part of so many incredible startups out there. If you need advice be sure to take a look at your Startup Toolkit form Elance. And be sure to enter the Elance Bold Idea Pitch Competition today and show us that your idea for a startup is a winner.


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