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Startup Toolkit Spotlight: Debunking Common Myths.

Thinking of venturing inDebunking mythsto the world of entrepreneurs? Perhaps beginning your own startup? Or are you an established company who wants to retool and grow like a startup?  We say, “Go for it.” The time is right as markets are shifting quickly and the world is ripe for fresh new thinking.

If you’re unsure about throwing your hat in the ring, the first hurdle to overcome is fear of the great unknown. Sure there are a lot of “doom and gloom” forecasts out there for startups and companies branching into new areas, but the simple truth is if you have a good idea, great execution (and some top freelancers to lend a hand), success awaits you.Elance Startup Toolkit Homepage

Our brand-spanking-new Startup Toolkit is designed to help you progress from the initial stages of a startup to a full-fledged business. You’ll find lots of articles and resources geared towards helping you get off the ground floor and ramp up. Or if you’ve already launched your startup there’s also a plethora of information sure to provide you with valuable insights and guidance.

But if you’re new to the startup world, a great place to start is the Startup Toolkit’s article: Eight Common Myths to Building Your Startup. Seasoned entrepreneurs know that how startups are portrayed in the media is much different than reality. Check out the article to learn about misconceptions that may be holding you back, including myths about your startup idea, skills needed, funding and more.

While you’re there, browse around Elance’s Startup Toolkit for other articles and tools. And bookmark the site and come back often, as we’ll be adding new content often to further broaden the resources of your “go-to” spot for startup and fast-track growth information.


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