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Stay-At-Home Dad Dreams Big and Finds Success

Elance provider Frederick Pohl’s lifelong dream was to become a successful business owner and family man. His dream became a reality earlier this year when he launched his design business, Pohl Media, on Elance – giving him more time to spend at home with his new daughter.

How did Frederick do it? Here’s his story in his own words:

“After college, I spent ten years working for a number of small businesses while trying to build my design business, Pohl Media, in my spare time,” Frederick explained.

“In 2007, my wife and I were blessed with a baby girl and I decided to quit my job to stay at home with her and work on developing my business.”

“I joined Elance in May of this year and since then, my life has changed so much for the better,” Frederick said. “Because of Elance, I can successfully run my business from home and I don’t have to leave my daughter in day care all day.”

The flexible arrangement of working from home has enabled Frederick and his family to stay in their current location of Gainesville, Florida. “If not for Elance, I would have to move my family to a big city to get the same type of business and income I earn through Elance remotely,” said Frederick.

Almost more important than the earnings, Frederick says, is the quality of work he is finding through Elance. Since joining, Frederick has used almost every graphic design skill in his tool belt including design applications such as Flash, PHP and MySQL.

In fact, Frederick has found so much work on Elance, he is upgrading from an Individual membership to a Small Business membership, and hiring local designers to help him turn jobs around quicker and take on more projects.

“Before Elance, I tried everything to get work. I ran ads in the Yellow Pages, sent out e-mailers and postcards – I spent over $1,000 on local advertising just to get a few good clients,” Frederick said. “But thanks to Elance, Pohl Media is expanding fast and new projects keep coming in.”

Congratulations, Frederick!


This is a very inspirational story. I have been involved with freelance web development / design for 9 years myself. It has been a very interesting path, Elance seems to be a great place to meet new clients, and I'm very excited to be a part of it.

Congratulations Frederick, and good luck to all other Elance providers.


Awsome I have been trying new things online to make money and I have had some good things happen for me. I will be give this a try for sure.

I agree, elance never makes you crave job security

Thanks everyone for the comments.

I am happy to see others find the story inspirational - In a world where the economy keeps changing it's nice to know that we have tools available like elance to control our own destiny.

Focus your time and dedication towards your goal and look ahead.

Everyday is a new day.