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Super-Elancer Dan Pierson Dabbles in Both Worlds

Dan Pierson found success while leveraging both Elance worlds – working as a provider and hiring as an employer.  As an Elance provider, Dan completed over 30 writing jobs, and currently uses Elance as his main source of income.  As an Elance employer, Dan hires providers located down the street from his office to around the world, and turned his business idea into reality.

Having just joined Elance in January of this year, Dan experienced quick success both as an employer and as a provider, and is thrilled to share how he did it.

“I'm a huge fan of Elance. Ever since I joined, I’ve consistently been able to pick up writing projects, while at the same time, managing the development of my new business,” Dan said.

Since joining Elance, Dan completed writing projects in several industries varying from website content to travel guides. 

“When I discovered Elance I was in my senior year of college and for students like me, freelancing was the perfect fit. The freedom and flexibility of working without a set schedule meshed well with the hectic, ever-changing demands of college academics,” Dan said. “I could choose just how much (or how little!) to work during any given week. And of course, working from the comfort of your own bed isn't bad either!”

Not long after joining Elance as a provider, Dan began developing a business plan for a website idea that he had – RealAbroad.com.

“RealAbroad is a resource for students researching study abroad programs,” Dan explained. “Students who have already participated in these programs can post their firsthand reviews - giving a whole new source of information to those students still making a decision.” Dan set out on a mission to have his business idea built with the help of elancers.

“I started by hiring Elance provider DesignOlsen for the initial graphic design work. Next, I hired NexGen to develop and code the actual website. From there, I utilized the great services of two fantastic virtual assistants, Roseksr and Barma_Alex, to assist in compiling a database of email addresses,” Dan said.

“Along the way, I hired another graphic designer, mtmtmt to help with the visual branding of the site, and for business conceptualization, I've worked with CDB Consulting. I'm currently working with a brand new provider on Elance, SummitReach, for assistance with marketing and direct email.”

“As much as I'd like to take all the credit for the website, it's really been a collaboration of a truly international crew of talented Elancers,” Dan explained. “These seven Elancers, hailing from as far as Egypt, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates – have all helped me get my business up and running.”

“Perhaps even more amazingly, the provider I used for web development is based less than 30 minutes from Boulder, Colorado, where I spent the past summer developing the site,” Dan continued. “And it doesn't stop there: One of the graphic designers grew up twenty minutes from me just outside of New York City.”

“I think this experience is really a testament to the magic of Elance. I couldn't have done it without these great providers, and Elance made it all possible.”

What’s next for Dan? He’s making a move from New York to Argentina next week, and plans on making Elance his primary source of income while he’s abroad.

“My work on Elance has kept me going. In Argentina, my primary source of income will be through Elance. Without the opportunities provided by this great website, I wouldn't have any means of supporting myself while abroad.”

We wish Dan the best of luck!


Hi Dan, You sound like you've had great success with Elance. I was recently laid off from my job as an advertising art director for The Robb Report. I'm currently working on obtaining jobs through Elance. I have a ton of experience and a sharp portfolio. When you have the opportunity will you check it out? you may be able to hire me for future projects. Sincerely, Victoria (vicky2232000)