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Taking Stock In Twitter’s Global Impact.

Congratulations to the team at Twitter for 1.) creating a wonderfully-powerful product that helps people around the globe, and 2.) for a successful launch into the private sector.

It’s no small feat to create a true game-changer that’s impacting the lives of so many people, in so many ways. That’s our goal at Elance as well, and we understand the challenges Twitter faces (as well as the rewards of a job well done).

Here at Elance it’s amazing to see how Twitter usage has changed and surged among our community in the few short years we’ve shared space on the same planet. We’re closing in on 50,000 followers and growing at a 30% clip annually (to join the conversation look no further than @Elance or the hashtag #workdifferently).

Bravo Twitter, we’re proud of your success and wish you continued luck in the future.