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Team Spotlight: Our Marketplace Operations Crew.

We have lots of talented folks who work hard behind the scenes, helping create a great experience for Elancers. One shining example is our Marketplace Operations Team. They’re the group that maintains the quality of our Elance marketplace.

Garnor and Jon from the Elance Marketplace Operations Team

To shed some light on the Marketplace Operations team and their role, we sat down for a quick chat with Garnor, Jon, Gina and Bill – four managers on the Marketplace Operations team. Here are some highlights of that discussion:

Q: What’s the role of the Marketplace Operations Team?
A: Our mission is to help all Elancers have a great experience and outcome when using Elance. We believe that the key to that is creating trust. Businesses who use Elance want to know that they’re hiring freelancers who can get the job done right. Similarly, our freelancers want to know that they’ll get paid for the work they complete. And, all of our members want the right set of educational and help content available when they need it.

Q: What does the team do, day-to-day?
A: For any marketplace to run well, it has to have a set of standards and enforcement of those standards. So, the Marketplace Ops team is responsible for maintaining Policy and Performance expectations for our members and encouraging compliance. Here’s an example – if we come across a member who consistently gets involved in disputes, job cancellations, violates member policies, etc., we’ll intervene to correct this pattern. We have a large staff, and a wide-array of data-based tools to help manage those standards in a marketplace where we have hundreds of thousands of active members.

Q: What results are you seeing?
A: We measure our group’s performance very actively. Ultimately, we know we’re doing our job when our members have great job outcomes on Elance. For example, we continue to set new records in our member satisfaction surveys each quarter – this means that businesses are increasingly able to find talented freelancers here.

We also continue to see an increasingly active community of freelancers and businesses who are willing and able to help each other in our Water Cooler forums. There’s nothing more inspiring than to see a collection of users who are so active in providing tips and guidance, because they want to help others succeed and improve the overall quality of the marketplace.

Q: What are some suggestions you would have for Elance members?
A: We’ve been putting a lot of effort into member education. We continue to get questions from our members around “How do I get started”? In response we’re trying a lot of innovative new things. For example, we’ve been hosting weekly webinars for both businesses and freelancers. You can find more information here:
Freelancer: www.elance.com/q/contractor-webinars
Client: www.elance.com/q/client-webinars

Q: Any more tips?
A: Yes, when members join Elance we really urge them to review Elance Policies. A quick summary can be found here. This will help everyone understand the rules in place to keep you safe and successful on Elance. Finally, our support team is here to help. If members have questions about Elance or a specific job, they should be reaching out to support@elance.com.

Check back here often, as we’ll be spotlighting other Elance teams in the weeks to come. Get to know us a little better, and learn what it takes to keep the ship running smooth.



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