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As Temperatures Rise, So Do The Advantages of Hourly Jobs.

Summer’s here (at least in many places), and the living is easy.

For a majority of people in the business world, that means a relaxing week or two at the beach, camping among the redwoods, or maybe a trip back to the old country. But it’s not true for everyone.

If you’re a nose-to-the-grindstone startup or owner of a small business, chances are you’re saddled with too much to do, not enough hands on deck, and zero wiggle room for a well-deserved vacation.

Fortunately help is near, in the form of online freelancers from Elance.  And right now many startups and small businesses who hire on Elance are telling us that Hourly Jobs are the preferred way to go as both summer projects and summer get-aways heat up.

Why Hourly Jobs make sense this summer.

Flexibility. With you and your team being in-and-out of the office all summer, Hourly Jobs allow you to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. If you’re planning on tackling a project yourself but the lure of the sea is too strong, go. Within minutes you can hand the job over to a skilled Elancer and it will continue as if you’re there.

Get started ASAP. With Hourly Jobs there’s no need to finalize all details at the onset. You simply outline the project and approve a certain number of hours. By the time the hours are up, you will have had plenty of time to better assess the situation. From there you can extend the job or whatever makes most sense.

From anywhere, view real-time screenshot of work in progress. You want to spend your vacation gazing at the rising tide, not your laptop. But it’s good to know that at any time you can login to Elance and see how the project is advancing. It’s all part of Work View’s Tracker tool for Hourly Jobs.

What skills are in most demand this summer?

While talking to startups and small business, we’re noticing that this summer the STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are in hot demand. This includes web programmers and mobile app developers. We’re also seeing a spike in demand for video production and photography, as startups and small businesses look to promote their wares through YouTube commercials and product tours.

But whatever job you have looming, rest assured there are teams of Elancers ready and willing to lend a hand this summer. Post your job and take the first step to a fun vacation away from the office.