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Update On Last Week’s Denial-Of-Service Attack

Elance is now up-and-running following a series of denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks which occurred Monday through Wednesday of last week. These attacks prevented some users from accessing our website and caused intermittent issues that interfered with normal site functionality.

We know that Elance is a marketplace you’ve come to trust and rely upon, and we have invested in new technology to help thwart future attacks.

During the attack, your personal information was safe at all times and no data was compromised. You can learn more about DDoS attacks here.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences you may have experienced.  During the outage we sent an email to all recently-active clients and freelancers. The note explained the situation and asked for people’s consideration regarding delays in communication and work delivery.

We hope your jobs are now running normally. If you are still experiencing issues, please report them here. If you have any difficulty accessing our site in the future, you can always check for real-time updates on Twitter (@Elance) and Facebook. Thanks again for your support and understanding.


it was little frustrating, but i am glad all is ok now.

Please inform earlier, with little notice.

thanks a lot

I still cannot upload PDFs to my clients. I can upload small files, but not book-size files. When I attempt to do so, it does upload, but then a yellow mark with an exclamation mark (!) appears to the left of the file's name. The PDF's insigna does not appear, and the ""Post message" is not operable, it is dead. This is really affecting my deliveries to client's, and I will greatly appreciate your help. (Also, I cannot upload PDF files to my "Accounts." The same thing happens.

Thanks, Jean Boles

Hello Jean, if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, your browser might have issues with the flash upload form in your workrooms. You might consider installing the Flashblock browser extension, then enable Flashblock before uploading a file to your workroom or message board. This will cause the HTML-based upload form to appear, and you should be able to upload your files via that form and post those items to your message boards and workroom files. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can download and install Flashblock from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashblock/. If you are using Googe Chrome, you can download and install Flashblock from: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flashblock/gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabj.... Best of luck

No, also with the use of your workarounds does not function. And - besides that - how strange is it that a major website does not support Firefox ... that is a joke! In any event: I am having the same problem for two weeks now on ALL browsers. Must be costing them a lot of money, this slow and tedious way of providing service to paying customers. But - there are other sites ...

I didn't state that the website does not support Firefox. I simply mentioned that the flash uploader tends to have issues with Firefox and Chrome for some users. This suggestion was sent to me by Elance customer service several months ago when I experienced a similar issue, which solved the issue I was experiencing with my browsers.

I would love to read this (news to me because I was busy elsewhere), but I have a large gray box blocking most of the text. That box says that the 'server refused the connection.)

Thanks for telling as, thanks God all is alright now.

The uploads still do not work - cannot upload to new jobs, not to workrooms, not to "Files" sections - how is one supposed to provide jobs if one cannot attach ANY files? Neither small nor large? And after all this time nothing has changed?

Please do not tell me to use the latest version of Flash, or the "right" browser ... IT DOES NOT WORK !!! Very frustrating, and time to look for another freelance site ... there are many!

Ripstor, I agree it is very frustrating. Earlier, Elance used to allow us to choose whichever uploader we want to use -- either the Flash uploader or the basic uploader -- whereas, now, it automatically serves the Flash uploader if Flash is detected. Unfortunately, it doesn't work many a time. (They claim it is a problem with the browser, but I haven't faced this problem on other websites that serve the Flash uploader. So, why does the problem happen only on Elance?)

The solution is to use the suggested plugin (or you can even try QuickJava [for Firefox], which allows you to disable not only Flash, but also Javascript, Java, SilverLight, CSS, Images, Cookies, and Animated images). Whenever you face the problem, disable Flash and reload the page. When you reload the page, the Elance system will detect that Flash is disabled in your browser and will serve the basic uploader instead.

Alternatively, if you don't want to install a plugin or disable Flash, when the problem occurs right-click on the dialog box and select "Reload Frame" from the shortcut menu, and then quickly click on the Browse button before it disappears! (Depending on how fast/slow you are at clicking on the button, you may need to reload the frame a few times until you manage to click on the Browse button.)

Hope this helps you as well as others facing this problem.

Elance, why don't you permanently provide a link to the basic uploader? (Something like: "If the Flash uploader does not work, click here to use the Basic uploader".) It would reduce problems for many of us freelancers who prefer to use FF or Chrome rather than IE.

I agree, the uploads do not work from time to time (probably not for everyone, as Elance would have noticed and fixed that in no time, I hope). I use Firefox/Chrome on Ubuntu.