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A Tip Of Our Cap To Military Personnel and Veterans.

Here in America today is Veteran’s Day, celebrated from coast to coast with parades and other emotional congregations.

But far from limited to merely in the U.S., “Veteran’s Day” is celebrated globally (with different names on different days and in different ways). But in all locations each holiday has a similar ring to it: Thanking military personal for serving the people. And an amazing job the world’s military is doing in this regard.

A case in point is the global military personnel in the Philippines, now helping those in need as the country tries to cope with the devastation left in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan. It’s a tough road to hoe and the world’s military has always tackled the job with courage and compassion.

And as their time in uniform winds down and they leave the military, here at Elance we’re finding more and more that military personnel are turning to a life of entrepreneurism. From working freelance jobs to starting their own businesses, veterans are finding that Elance is a great career option.

We’re proud to note that freelancing has always been a positive job path for military veterans, who here in the U.S. have traditionally had a higher unemployment rate than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Static’s recent release, military veterans between the ages of 18-24 have a 20.4% unemployment rate. That’s more than 5% higher than others in the same category. Also of note is that military personnel often have difficulty adjusting from the public to private sector. A recent survey by the Center for a New American Security (CNAC) found that 60% of veterans reported that translating their military service into the civilian market was difficult.

This seems odd, since veterans have such extreme skills garnered for their military service – from leadership to technical adeptness. Here at Elance we’re proud of the many veterans who freelance in our marketplace and we invite you to seek them out for projects when you hire freelancers. They’ll often mention their military experience in resumes and when discussing work experience. Look for them on your next project. And be sure to thank them for making the world a better and safer place for us all.