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Today’s hottest job skill? Translators.

The U.S. Department of Labor just released a list of the 15 fastest growing occupations in America, and topping the list is translators and interpreters.

According to the report, 25,000+ jobs will open up in these two related categories in the next 8 years. That’s a whopping 42% growth, and it doesn’t even include the military (which is even hungrier for translators). Those expected to hire bilingual workers include everyone from startups and Fortune 500 companies to all areas of the government – including state and local governments near you.

This is great news for Elancers, as there is an ample supply of translators in our growing marketplace. Right now there are nearly 290,000 translators on Elance, specializing in virtually every language on earth. Businesses looking to hire a translator for their website, marketing materials or other projects can expect a plethora of skilled talent available to help them expand into fruitful new global markets.

A recent article on CNN Money notes that the majority of translation jobs are now going to freelancers. This is no surprise to businesses that use Elancers for their translation, including Irene Jaindi of Austria-based I & S Translation. She uses a host of Elancers to meet the needs of her clients around the world. See her story.

Naturally translation job opportunities continue to increase on Elance, which is great news for the many freelancers in our marketplace with bilingual skills. This includes Maria Andrade who is based in Mexico, and has created a successful and blossoming career as a Spanish-English translator. Check out her story too.


Where is this LIST you are tqlking about? I cannot find anything related to such a list on the Internet? This sounds like PR Propaganda.
I am a translator with degrees and business registration, unlike most of the "language pros" find work (stealing work from pros) on your website. Why don't you request them to have diplomas and business registration? You are promoting illegal practices and unfair competition.