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True Story: Building A Minty-Fresh Website, Without Spending A Mint.

We don’t think getting great work done at a fair price should be like pulling teeth.

Jaime Bellos of Detroit-based mydentaltrip.com would agree. Why?  Simple. He and his business partner Rich used Elance to bring their entrepreneurial dream to life. Through our online freelance web designers and web programmers Jaime got their “unique” dental startup’s website up-and-running fast.

A great idea (in our humble opinion), mydentaltrip.com is a website allowing people to combine their dream vacation with getting some dental work done. On their website you pick a destination (Costa Rica for example), select the dental work you need (perhaps a bridge replacement?) and then local dentists in Costa Rica submit their quotes. It’s a great solution for getting in some relaxation while saving a bundle on your dental bill.

success story dental

Jaime saved money too, estimating that Elance cut his bill by 50-60%. In fact, Jaime initially started the project with an “offline” design team. But when things spiraled out of hand quickly he turned to Elance and never looked back. “Elance is the only choice for us,” he says. “I like the fact that you can shop around and not leave the house.”

To continue growing, Jaime continues “shopping around” on Elance. They’ve expanded to hire SEO marketing experts on Elance, as well as branding professionals.

What keeps Jaime coming back? He loves the level of talent and professionalism of Elancers. “Jobs get done,” he stresses. Jaime is also a huge fan of our Elance escrow funding. “It’s a safe way to do business,” he says. “Only when milestones are met and we’re satisfied are payments released.”

It’s “word of mouth” advertising like this that helps Elance keep growing at a phenomenal pace. If your website lacks teeth, check out what our multi-talented freelancers can do for you.



Good information!

Glad you liked it!

That's a great business idea!

well, dental services are quite expensive in US and UK which is why people prefer to visit India and other asian countries for get the job done. (medical tourism)

Thanks. Eventually we will offer services in those areas as well!

perfect example... to start a new venture

This site was done in 2009 as shown in the footer note. A more recent site would be a better showcase.

Congratulations Rich from smartData Enterprises

that is a good dental platform,and i am a chinese doctor,if i say i want to provide insultance service,who will be my customers?

Are you an MD or a Dentist? If you are a dentist, you can sign up as a member on our site that is connected to mydentaltrip. Go to www.mydentaltrip.com, put your contact information in the Contact Us area, write me a note as to who you are and I will get back to you. We need contacts in China as well. Thanks.