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Two More Time-saving Enhancements to the My Jobs Page

Last month, we released a friendlier, more customizable My Jobs page. We're thrilled with the response and are back with a couple of new enhancements in response to your feedback.

New Compact View of My Jobs
When we first released the new My Jobs, we introduced a default view that showed you a thumbnail picture of the client or contractor, or job status (if the job isn’t active yet) linked to your jobs. While this view works for some, others requested a more compact view without any images. Starting today, you can change the default view of your page simply by clicking the settings icon and selecting List Style/Compact. Try it out, and choose the view that works best for you.

New Broadcast Messaging to Your Workrooms
To help you work more efficiently, we have introduced a new bulk action called “Broadcast Messages.” This feature allows clients and contractors to send a single message to multiple workrooms at the same time. With this enhancement, you don’t need to visit each individual workroom to send the same message.

3 easy steps to use the broadcast messaging feature:

1. Select more than one job by selecting the check boxes on the left
2. Click on the “Broadcast Message” button in the panel
3. Type your message and click “Send”

These are just two of the enhancements to My Jobs that we have incorporated based on your feedback. There are more improvements in development, so stay tuned for more coming your way soon!


These changes/enhancements are fantastic and will save more time to concentrate on jobs, broadcast messeaging will keep all the clients updated at the same time and will improve the communication with clients.

I appreciate the broadcast. great time saver. I'm amazed as i going through the site. Fun to navigate and it's really usable. we were on FL that really sucks