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Update On Migration Process To Upwork

Addendum: Within the next two weeks, we’ll begin moving new Elance job posts over to Upwork. Don’t wait to transfer your reputation over to the unified Upwork, and to get set up for new projects. We’ve already invited your clients to move to Upwork, and when you and your client begin a contract together we’ll honor the fee you paid on Elance. To stay updated on the move, visit our forum.


We’re continuing to wind down Elance and move your reputation and work to our unified Upwork platform. As mentioned in our recent forum post, we extended the timeline to make some improvements to the experience, based on your feedback. This includes building the ability for agencies to merge their Elance and Upwork accounts.

Here’s an updated timeline:

·       Everyone in the Elance community will receive an invitation in the next several weeks.

·       Once invitations are complete, we’ll begin to limit the ability to post new jobs on Elance.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.  

Why migrate? Your business will benefit from moving to Upwork.

Freelancers and clients who have made the transition from Elance to Upwork are now realizing the benefits. Upwork has doubled the amount of jobs available to freelancers, which are resulting in 34% higher earnings than on Elance.

We’ve also launched major marketing campaigns to attract even more top clients, and we’re making it easier for search engines to find you through your Upwork online profile (Elance profiles will soon become less visible in search engines). Plus we’ve just introduced Upwork Enterprise, bringing you a world of new, long-term opportunities with large global clients.

You’ll find it easy to settle into Upwork.

While moving from Elance to Upwork may initially seem like a big departure, you’ll soon discover that things are quite familiar. You’ll still find clients from Elance, as well as new prospects now working on Upwork. There is also the protection you’ve come to know and trust, including Hourly Payment Protection and Fixed-Price Payment Protection (via escrow).

It’s easy for your existing Elance clients to find and hire you, and you’re able to keep your current pricing structure with these existing clients. Here’s an example of what your Elance clients will see on the screen when you’ve moved to Upwork:

We’ve prepared detailed documents to help you make the move (for clientsfreelancers and agencies), along with a self-paced course for freelancers to make it even easier to learn the ins and outs of Upwork.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on major milestones that get us closer to winding down Elance. In the meantime, we encourage you to accept your invitation today (available on your Elance My Jobs page), and start shifting your efforts to Upwork.




Elance is better and upwork is worse. In elance, if I were an 10$ member, I can request 60 jobs per month at most, but upwork can only allow me to request 35 jobs at most.
Elance allow me withdraw once freely per month, upwork not allow me do that. Also it take 30$ to withdraw through bank card.

Upworks is simply an iteration of online work. The extra 1.25% fee is not welcome, but everything else is Elance except for the UI.

Oh, I don't think it is quite that simple. The changes implemented by Upwork suck! Forcing us to show our earnings, taking away Feedback, not making clients show their location or verification or payment or their feedback. If everything else was Elance, we probably would have accepted the 1.25% additional fee and would not have to be wasting time posting about how miserable it is on the Upwork site. Have you got any jobs from any decent clients on Upwork yet? That would be my question in regards to what you are saying. On Elance before this migration to Upwork, sometimes I would get as many at 20 or more invitations to jobs a DAY! Sometimes so many it would take me hours just to place proposals. Now it has trickled down to maybe 1 or 2 day and some days none at all. So, please tell me if it is still Elance what in the world happened to all the good clients and the invites that were more than $5 an hour, or established clients on Elance, where are they? What happened to my business stream of clients?

what about the withdrawal free.. $1 for Paypal withdrawal & $30 for wire transfer.
they seems just hungry for money... & want to eat others... sad but true....

EVERYONE TWEET these guys, Investors in Upwork, and then Tweet the Press
You are welcome to Retweet these below if you like.

Get your Voice heard! We can only help ourselves by getting the word out in Social Media to the Investors and the Press about being unhappy with the Upwork site and that we want to #SaveElance and stay on Elance.

Ready for you to Retweet. Trying to make it easy for you to get your voice heard by these people at Upwork and the Press.
Just sign into your Twitter account and click on these links below to retweet them.

Directed to Upwork Investors


Directed to the Major PRESS sites – Huffpost, Forbes, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, etc. all the sites that Upwork submits press releases to that we need to let the Press know the real story about Upwork.


Other Tweets about this fiasco with Upwork


These are the actual tweets that I just sent.

The Investors

@rickheitzmann Are you aware of how unhappy freelancers are at Elance about idiotic move to Upwork - the site that does not work? #SaveElance
@rickheitzmann You might want to read 11 pgs of comments flooded w/unhappy people from Elance re Upwork http://ow.ly/T9MBG #SaveElance
@jbreinlinger Are you aware of how unhappy Elance freelancers are about idiotic move to Upwork - the site that does not work? #SaveElance
@jbreinlinger You might want to read 11 pgs of comments flooded w/unhappy people from Elance re Upwork http://ow.ly/T9MBG #SaveElance
@greggretsch Are you aware of how unhappy freelancers are at Elance about idiotic move to Upwork - the site that does not work? #SaveElance
@greggretsch You might want to read 11 pgs of comments flooded w/unhappy people from Elance re Upwork http://ow.ly/T9MBG #SaveElance


@smallbiztrends Are you aware of how unhappy Elance freelancers are about idiotic move to Upwork - the site that does not work? #SaveElance

@Entrepreneur @HuffPostBiz @WSJbusiness COMMUNITY UPROAR at Elance over Upwork merger! #SaveElance https://www.change.org/p/give-freelancers-what-they-deserve

@ElainePofeldt @FT @financialtimes Elance COMMUNITY UPROAR about Upwork. Read 12 pages of comments http://ow.ly/T9MBG #SaveElance

@businessinsider @BetaNews @TechCrunch COMMUNITY UPROAR at Elance over Upwork merger! #SaveElance https://www.change.org/p/give-freelancers-what-they-deserve

@nytimesbits @Sara_Horowitz Elance COMMUNITY UPROAR about Upwork. Read 12 pages of comments http://ow.ly/T9MBG #SaveElance

Everyone join in and make sure you go sign the Petition to Save Elance https://www.change.org/p/give-freelancers-what-they-deserve when I signed it earlier this morning we still need over 200 signatures, I just checked and thanks to all over you they only need 92 more signatures to hit 500. Way to Go Everyone!

Reading this long thread of comments by Elance users who seem aghast at the notion that some how moving to a company's new location leads to loss of income is nothing more than sign of paranoia.

Although I never took many jobs on Elance for the time I been a member since 2008, that said UpWork a new platform still in its infancy is prone to technical and policy glitches. But then if you wish to buy bottle of soft drink at present for a price you use to pay 8 years ago would be wishful not possible since with passage of time prices in most markets tend to inflate and not deflate unless you are living in Japan whose economy suffers from chronic deflation.

Someone or someones spoke of Fake job listings and clients payment methods not being verified when they posted a new job. Rest assured if you were to think like an investor where Risk and Reward go hand in hand then surely you would be surprised of the outcome in your favor with payment in the account on date it is promised.

With the advent of internet, everyone seemed keen to make a buck some want it QUICK others work more SLOWLY towards the aim of making a small fortune which is not possible otherwise in a brick and mortar economy where most of Elance or any of other Freelancers come from.

Where I am from, for the past 24 years I applied to jobs that were advertised in Sunday English Daily Newspapers over the course of many years. Only about 0.01% of my applications led to an offer for interview outcome of which was a loud NAY.

Remember Offer of a job is not written in BILL OF RIGHTS of your country's constitution, to the contrary a Job Offer is a privilege bestowed on those who match the skills (Educational testimonial or lack thereof is of secondary importance), perform the job at specified wages and make a living.

Losing your first born is hard to cope with however the new born brings in joy making up for the loss of the young one.

I think you summed it up when you said this in your post, "Although I never took many jobs on Elance for the time I been a member since 2008." NO one is paranoid here, we have experienced the real issues being talked about with the Upwork site and your opinion is important to all, however, you are not in my shoes, nor the shoes of many others on Elance that had a nice flow of good clients on Elance and have watched a site that should still be in Beta Testing mode, crash and burn and take all of us down with it..

I really Love Elance. Nothing good in Upwork/Odesk .. only mess up ..

I request to all the memebers to stop migration from Elance to UPwork Otherwise there will be big loss to all of us
Mind My words!

You know I wish all of us would have got on here before now and everyone could have done that - Not Migrate to Upwork. Maybe that would have got their attention at Upwork. At least on Elance I am still getting good job invites. But if they in fact close elance down we are in trouble.

Elance is the best site. Please save Elance.

i didn't get any invitation yet. what will i do ?

99.9% freelancers and clients are against this merge. All the comments are against upwork. You get jobs paying $2 to $5 mostly and they are openly announcing that clients are paying 35% more. Here at elance clients handle 8.75% fee and on upwork freelancers will handle 10% fee. Many people will quit thier career as a freelancer no thanks to this merge. Not only freelancers and clients will suffer but also Upwork will become insolvant in few months.

You are right Elance is much better then Upwork.

Completely agree.

I started to shift my profile over, took one look at the payment and billing system and cancelled the profile. Its Odesk all over. there is zero control for the freelancer for payments option. Yes, I have a paypal. It is my business paypal and not tied to my email address so I can't use it on UpWork. No, since I have been watching this whole mess unfold and how payments have been getting screwed up on Elance, I am so not giving my banking information to this system. When Elance closes down I am shifting my priority to one of my other freelance sites that has started to have a much better track record with payment operations. Oh yes - and kudos for reinforcing my complaints by posting there is information about a timeline and then not giving any information on a timeline.

ITexpress009 you are right I am also thinking to quit freelancing because I don't want to waste my time on upwork.

I don't want to move to Upwork and if they close down Elance, I'll look for work elsewhere. I didn't sign up for Elance so that they could force me to move to another site with way worse work conditions.

Elance is much more better and easy to use with less bugs. Upwork is fool of bugs and system errors several times which make it harder to use.

Agreed. Complained numerous times. They should have moved everything to elance, not to Odesk/Upwork. Upwork is a really stupid name too.

It weird why elance trying hard to be fiverr ? google tried hard to become next facebook see what happened to Google+ ? its gone!

I have been on both platforms, mostly Elance and I don't really have any major complaints about Upwork. The only issues I have personally faced in the recent past is sometimes the job listings are unavailable, this could be a bug or something. I also think it would be very effective if Upwork had a minimum bid amount like Elance, right now Upwork lets clients bring down the prices of jobs to amounts as low as $3/hr which just doesn't make any economic sense considering the high Upwork commission fees and withdrawal minimum and fee. If you can set a withdrawal minimum then you should be able to set a bid minimum. Lastly, I noticed that even though you get 60 connects per month, most Upwork jobs require atleast 2 connects to apply, this could be deliberate or another bug in the system. In reality, all you have is 30 connects or less not 60.

Actually upto 5 connects will be deducted depending on the size of the project according to the live support agent I spoke with. Que Horror!!



Save Elance

Elance is better than upwork, Interface is not good in upwork. if upwork have good interface people was not choosing Elance and work with ODesk.

Elance admins must do something for changing interface as well as JOB category.

I personally dnt like Odesk now its upwork.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.



It should be moved and adopted, not the otherway round. Stupid, stupid, stupid decision and taste.

I was a top elance test scorer , now upwork would not show any test taken when account transferred. shame.
Elance is better platform

Ooh negative venting thread. Power to the petition, yey democracy and all that. But... hang with it people. Change is good. Problems will be ironed out *naive face*. I like the live message board on Upwork. I like the navigation and browsing.

On the downside (feedback for ya Upwork) I miss seeing high/low/average bids though private bidding is probably a good thing. Working out how to pay and get paid is a complete and UTTER nightmare for pros AND clients. The whole 'Interview' thing is WEIRD.

But pisstake hourly rates are fair enough in a free market. That's not Upwork's fault. There will always be cheapster clients as long as there are cheapster providers. Just be good at what you do, charge a fair price and be proud of your skills.

The THING you should really be beefing about is the charge for ALL withdrawals and the 10% service fee. Sneaky Upwork. However, I think good service deserves a decent fee (see previous paragraph). And so far I'm OK with Upwork.

See y'all on the bidding floor :-)

It is so easy to dismiss legitimate concerns as a "negative venting thread." Behind the negative venting thread there's a real community action trying to stop what most of the people see as an atrocious change from a good, functioning platform to another one that is not as good and does not perform well, in addition to being more expensive for a lesser quality service.

A petition is here:

Upwork CEO is here: https://twitter.com/skasriel
Their official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Upwork
Their official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upwork

HEAVY HITTERS that need to be made aware of this ridiculous change, Venture Investors to Upwork and / or Elance are here:
https://twitter.com/rickheitzmann - $30M venture investment, @rickheitzmann
https://twitter.com/jbreinlinger - $30M venture investment; @jbreinlinger
https://twitter.com/greggretsch - $15M series "D"; @greggretsch
https://twitter.com/BenchmarkCap (Kevin Harvey, Board of Directors); @BenchmarkCap
https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dan-marriott/0/88/304 -

https://twitter.com/Sara_Horowitz - IMPORTANT, Freelancers Union founder and executive director

https://twitter.com/businessinsider; @businessinsider)
https://twitter.com/ElainePofeldt; @ElainePofeldt
https://twitter.com/FinancialTimes; @FinancialTimes
https://twitter.com/Entrepreneur; @Entrepreneur
https://twitter.com/HuffPostBiz; @HuffPostBiz
https://twitter.com/WSJbusiness; @WSJbusiness
https://twitter.com/TechCrunch; @TechCrunch

They need to know that 99.9% of all the people are against this change and RosGray is for it. It will make you a star in the Upwork management circles :)

Ever since Elance has been integrated into Upwork, it has been disappointing to manage things.

Elance is better than Upwork for sure.

Upwork has complicated things and bit slow and buggy. Really disheartened.

Allengers Infotech

I started on Upwork first, when it was known as Odesk, lots of good things, one bad- they insist that all payments require 6 days to process, 'in order for the funds to settle'. Generally its longer if the client does not accept work immediately


Please sign if you are not happy with Elance closing.

I am agreed too.
Eance is much better platform to work with.
And Decision makers should hear the voice of people and take back the decision of shutting down the elance.
I am not happy with this merging process too.
I have excellent profile on Elance and good job history but not getting any response and jobs on upwork.
Its simply terrible.We worked hard for many years on this platform and now they are selling us.

Elance is the best. The new look of Upwork is very difficult to understand and it is not user friendly like Elance... I would not continue on Upwork.. I will perfer to go on some other platform.... One tip for the Upwork website designer... that you should know that not all the peoples are guinus as you think so Please make the designs which are user friendly....

My profile did not get transferred over, even though I assumed the job history at least would. I'm having to start all over again on Upwork, with no hours to show, which makes it really difficult when clients want proposals from freelancers who have 40 or more verified hours.

This will be more beneficial.

im still waiting for the invitation to move my profile to upwork,on the mean time i have to pay subscription in both places,because elance its not taking any new clients,and clients on upwork do not pay attention to my profile because i dont have any ratings there,such a headache

Metathesiophobia. That's what this is all about.

One year of intense grit, grind and toil helped me create a perfect 5 star profile, good client base and more than expected first year earnings. All gone for a toss, and now i am back to square 1 with this anti customer corporate decision. Wonder which nit wit is evoking into them stimulus to adopt such decisions. He should be immediately consigned to Lubyanka.

Now my children are inspiring me to write a book, planning to take a trip to the Himalayas to ignite the initial writers spark regarding the plot and let's see what follows thereafter.

I feel strongly for my co associates and clients on the platform.

It takes so much to build a happy and humming institution but one egoistic decision of an impractical stubborn can bring the whole edifice and institution to crumbling debris.

RIP Elance.

I afraid whether this will work, i don't want to leave Elance. It would have been better if they would have closed the upwork and keep the elance alive..

Signed! I have a friend who is with Upwork and he is now having troubles with his work payment (both delayed and very low....) Long Live Elance!

Seems like elance gave us one way ticket... sad to know this happens. Once there was a good platform, where being a freelancer is a full time job.... then Upwork kills the joy.

UpWork is a terrible platform.

I agree, Elance needs to stay. Upwork is so difficult to use and the clause about higher paying jobs, is plain farce. The budget price clients on upwork use should be a crime, its more of slave labour, its just too low. Please save Elance, Elance must stay. Elance is easier to use, we have access to view clients complete history and several other benefits. Please don't close down Elance. Save Elance

Please do it the other way. Get rid of UpWork and stay with Elance!!

Stop Elance migration to Upwork. Please wake up and see the support Elance has and don't destroy this platform.