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Update On Migration Process To Upwork

Addendum: Within the next two weeks, we’ll begin moving new Elance job posts over to Upwork. Don’t wait to transfer your reputation over to the unified Upwork, and to get set up for new projects. We’ve already invited your clients to move to Upwork, and when you and your client begin a contract together we’ll honor the fee you paid on Elance. To stay updated on the move, visit our forum.


We’re continuing to wind down Elance and move your reputation and work to our unified Upwork platform. As mentioned in our recent forum post, we extended the timeline to make some improvements to the experience, based on your feedback. This includes building the ability for agencies to merge their Elance and Upwork accounts.

Here’s an updated timeline:

·       Everyone in the Elance community will receive an invitation in the next several weeks.

·       Once invitations are complete, we’ll begin to limit the ability to post new jobs on Elance.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.  

Why migrate? Your business will benefit from moving to Upwork.

Freelancers and clients who have made the transition from Elance to Upwork are now realizing the benefits. Upwork has doubled the amount of jobs available to freelancers, which are resulting in 34% higher earnings than on Elance.

We’ve also launched major marketing campaigns to attract even more top clients, and we’re making it easier for search engines to find you through your Upwork online profile (Elance profiles will soon become less visible in search engines). Plus we’ve just introduced Upwork Enterprise, bringing you a world of new, long-term opportunities with large global clients.

You’ll find it easy to settle into Upwork.

While moving from Elance to Upwork may initially seem like a big departure, you’ll soon discover that things are quite familiar. You’ll still find clients from Elance, as well as new prospects now working on Upwork. There is also the protection you’ve come to know and trust, including Hourly Payment Protection and Fixed-Price Payment Protection (via escrow).

It’s easy for your existing Elance clients to find and hire you, and you’re able to keep your current pricing structure with these existing clients. Here’s an example of what your Elance clients will see on the screen when you’ve moved to Upwork:

We’ve prepared detailed documents to help you make the move (for clientsfreelancers and agencies), along with a self-paced course for freelancers to make it even easier to learn the ins and outs of Upwork.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on major milestones that get us closer to winding down Elance. In the meantime, we encourage you to accept your invitation today (available on your Elance My Jobs page), and start shifting your efforts to Upwork.




Elance is a much better platform. We want stay Elance.

Why can't they just migrate everything for us. Why do we need to do anything at all? Just redesign the site and transfer the data or merge the data.

This is bollocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Save Elance, i am experiencing upwark and must say Elance is far better then Upwok.
at upwork every client wants to work on $5-$10 jobs.... I am not happy with Upwork, ELance is easy reliable, Fast and better place to work...

Upwork is slow slow slow .

Please do not move or close Elance - Upwork is Bad Bad Bad

With so many Elance fans requesting Elance to stay (as opposed to the Upwork facebook page full of complaints), why is taking Elance down even being considered? We all know Upwork has taken over Elance. So why not just change the logo to Upwork and leave the system as it is?

Great suggestion

I agree.. they should keep this same website and layout, and just change the logo, not charge us 10%, not charge a $1 paypal fee and let us be able to hide our earnings.

i dont my earnings to be public knowledge.
I psoted 3 months ago about the loss of that feature and even but in a feature request to hide earnings
no changes - still there.
in fact my earnings on elance have carried over to upwork. I didnt agree to that

I love Elance :(

It is a great platform, totally functional and with plenty of work. I usually received a lot of invitations to bid, and many of them ended on a new contract.

Upwork on the other side, is a mess. The site is terribly slow and unoptimized. I have a job in progress there with a previous client from Elance, and I cant even send messages to him due to "ocassional issues with messages" according to the upwork status page.

On Upwork, I have never received an invitation to bid, I think because their algorithms aren´t optimized to track your reputation and work history and appear on the client´s searches for freelancers. Privacy regarding your income is another issue.

I would rather pay an increased rate (Which seems to be their reason to close Elance) than having to move to upwork. Many Elancers (Both clients and freelancers) are upset with this decision, and I see this, along with the terrible performance of the Upwork site, will hurt upwork business on the longrun.

I hope there was a way to save Elance :(

I'm really really really disappointed on this. Please #SaveElance.

Elance is far more better than Upwork. Upwork should wind Down not Elance.

Elance is the best platform, please don't move.

Please carry on with Elance .

I love Elance. I wonder who made this decision to merge to Upwork. Elance is fast but Upwork is too slow. I just started Elance since 5 months ago, and I am used to work on Elance. It is very organized, easy to use, professional, convenient. But "No" for Upwork.

I want this platform remains forever.

I agree with what is being said by my fellow Elancers about the move to Upwork. I have been working on both Upwork and Elance and I prefer searching for jobs on Elance, they are much easier to find and working on Elance is much easier. The clients are also more professional and the Elance site is also more organized and professional. Instead of insisting that we all move perhaps Upwork should have considered bringing their site up to the standard as Elance. I am not sure of the benefits that this move will bring to the clients and freelancers of Elance.

I love elance.. #SAVE ELANCE



I understand that Elance wants to move and I work in a business where things change. Sadly, that means I know how people will complain or resist the change and we just have to say "they'll get over it" and continue with the change for whatever corporate reason there is. However, I am against this change too.

Upwork is not user friendly, the clients and users are cheap and the application process is so long and convoluted with all the extra questions that really everyone should be answering in their proposals anyway.

It's also more expensive, longer financial release wait times and I honestly get hardly any work there even when I use it as much as Elance.

Of all the freelance sites I've always said Elance was the best, far superior to Odesk(upwork). This is pretty disappointing.

Time to move to other platforms.

Upwork just like the former Odesk is flooded with freelancers willing to work for nothing and clients who expect the same. It was always the low rent version of Elance. I am not sure how things will improve from here

Do not move to Upwork Please!

Elance is better. really sad to stop working here

Well, I browsed every single post so far and I'm not alone. I have to say that I tried to look at the move from Elance to Upwork as a positive one but unfortunately, this has not been the case. Right before the announcement was made that Elance was closing down, which took me completely by surprise, I was bulding a steady base of repeat clients (20%) and had continuous work.

I tried to do the same in Upwork, but what I found there was the opposite. The laws of supply and demand go to work here. You have 100 people applying for the same job which the client is allowed to post an extremely low budget like $10 for a week worth of work. On top of that, you cannot flag as inappropriate if a client does not provide a clear job description, you have other options, like asked you to work outside of Upwork or asked you to do free work but none for incomplete job description. This opens the doors to be fooled, for example: Translate a manual from English to Spanish, budget = $20. If you ask the client to allow you to see it first so you can provide a fair bid, you would not get a reply. If you bid and you are awarded then you realize that you have a 120 page manual that would probably take almost a month to translate for $20.

For those that created the interface, it probably makes sense to them but to me its a step back in time. Highly unfriendly, I had 2 jobs in the last 3 months and 1 invite and every time I replied, I felt stupid because it did not do what I thought I was doing (replying to the invitation message rather to posting a bid for the job). The first job, I posted the file in the conversation area but I guess it was the wrong place because the client couldn't find it.

Also, if I wanted to get an interview for a job, I would go find a job 9-5 but I'm unable. Why wasting so much time as Freelancer for a job that is not clear to begin with.

Anyway, I think that Elance was perfect and simple to use. The migration should have been the other way around; send all the jobs to Elance and shut down Odesk or what is now Upwork.

I would have been happy to accept the 10% rate instead of the 8.75% if more work was brought into Elance or not.

Last, the 20% percent of repeat clients I had, did not have the time to provide me a rating for each single milestone or job I completed. I respected their time and understood that sometimes they are not able or willing to do this. None of my clients received a notice to transfer their account there and none are willing to go there. Now, most of my jobs here on Elance have a 5 star rating, but I have many without a rating, so my ratings at Upwork are affected by the number of "jobs without feedback." I believe my "job satisfaction" or whatever is called is down to 80 something and on it's way down. I tried to check at Upwork but the site is down.

Sorry for the rant but I don't have anything positive to say about this move.

I heard this many times: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Forgot to mention the pay system: You have to earn $100 in order to "get paid" and on top of that, you have additional time you have to wait in order to get paid. Not good.

I love Elance, bcz elance is better than upwork. #saveelance

#SaveElance !!!!!!

Apperently , just this moment I wanted to enter Upwork.. and guess what .. the site is down.

please done do this we are happy here upwork is very expensive

please done do this we are happy here upwork is very expensive

it costs me more as a freelancer to do work on upwork - the fees are higher than elance
the payment processign and turnaround time is longer
features i came to elance to use are gone.
yes - the elance platform was superior, it feels like upwork is playing catchup and maybe in 12 months it will be worth it.

this for me is a total downgrade as far as freelance work goes

Hi all,

When do we get the invitation to shift our profile and jobs to Upwork ?

Any clue ?


Elance is more better then Upwork...

Upwork is ugly mess. If you want to join business there, take from us more %% ...it's ok. But keep the website at least Elance. Upwork is horrible!

I agree with all my fellow Elancers here. I want Elance to stay. #SaveElance

I tried migrating to Upwork when the email to this effect landed in my inbox but thanks to the messy platform of UpWork, I haven't been able to do so till date. Can you believe Upwork keeps showing error despite keying in the correct password? Disgusting!!!!

I've been doing business on Elance since 2009 and I have grown from a 3-team company to one with 10+ people. Now, as the business owner, I too, like many others here, don't want to reveal trade secrets, rates I charge etc to my team members. I want total control of the account. But "Magnificent Genious Minds" at Upwork think team members need to be a part of the company and that it would reflect on our ratings. What a f***ked up idea!!!!!

So, I've no other option but to look for other markets and options because with a sloppy platform that Upwork is, I don't think I would be able to work on it the same way I've been doing on Elance for all these years.

Hi, all above, If a person living in his home from many years then suddenly he have to left his old home and go for new home then he must feel not batter, because many feelings and good things are connected with him smooth there because living there from many years. but same methods are on new home but he don't know where he go, what he do, what the paths etc. even after living in new home he learnt how works. so one thing is true from all above that new home meaning Upwork loading speed is very slow and takes much time in load. Thanks

Even though I consider Elance to be utter c**p, Upwork is an even bigger POS with higher costs for freelancers and a much crappier interface than even Elance (and that's saying something). Complete and utter moneygrab BS move.

I am already working on Upwork from years but this time loading speed is very slow. Agree with above all.
Hope Upwork do it batter,....

Second that alexzk....Keep Elance and charge us more, if you have to, but don't wind it down because it beats Upwork hands down......#SaveElance

I don't know why the Elance owners want to dig roots of tree thay have planted so many years ago and getting fruits of a-one quality. The upwork is only mix of oDesk and elance features. I never loked odesk features so far. Elance was good forever. God , save it!

I started using Elance as a freelancer ten years ago. Now, I use Elance exclusively as an employer. I tried Upwork... and hated it. It wasn't that it wasn't familiar... it's that it wasn't intuitive. I know my small piece of the puzzle won't impact Upwork's success, but I can imagine there are many people in my company's situation who simply will not use Upwork and will seek personnel elsewhere. If Upwork's employers are diminished, it will also lose quality freelancers, and the system will be doomed to failure. This seems like a good opportunity for enterprising programmers to create an "'Elance clone" and invite all of us who are, quite frankly, pissed that Elance would so easily ignore the wishes of those who made them successful. The market will speak for itself, and I predict Upwork will rapidly lose value once Elance closes for good. Hey, you reap what you sow.

Upwork is terrible, PLEASE CHANGE UPWORK TO ELANCE, not Elance to Upwork
If Elance down, we need goto another freelancer website difference upwork. UI, function, fee, all is terrible, terrible...

Elance is Great place to work. it is easy for both contractors and clients.
there are real clients at Elance while at upwork there are several clients who just post jobs ask samples and most of them do have a verified payment system. Upwork must require payment verification of client first before posting. so why these shit client succeeded. because new comers, begginers are always trying to get jobs and they agree to propose samples at first.

we are professionals and are suppose to work for money like anyone else do.

I am losing my trust on these platforms since nobody knows a months or year after upwork will merge with some other platform

ELANCE DO not MOVE you are a wonderful platform and you not need to merge with that so called UPWORK

Dont move to upwork please. Elance backend is well organized. Upwork is not. Why you are bringing your destroy yourself?

Elance is best.. I hate Upwork ..

Upwork is unstable, more expensive, confusing, etc ... The only advantage is that you can drag and drop files.
I'm looking for another platform.

Elance is simple to use and has a clean and good looking (eye catching) interface. While Upwork colour scheme is towards a non-professional theme(not even close to eye catching) even they are trying to make cool by lesser whole page refreshes but most of the time the header vanishes like a ghost.
Upwork is really too slow to see the results coming through.
Many of the features in Elance is not available on Upwork.

Elance Always a better platform. Upwork nothing then a big blunder of everthing. No level, no company submission. It hangs alot, nothing is simple. No proper way to approach to client. Too many clients double the bid cost. Then you are bidding like a freelancer and a contractor. Which doesnt make any sense. So many people are making multiple accounts to use free bids. So many agency's just blindly bidding and covering all the job by using fake or multi pal account. Upwork a total unstructured portal. We are being forced to move to upwork.

But i feel the day is away when a new ( may be a New Elance ) portal will soon emerge and take away everything !!! I fear that if Elance wont head in with your essence of work style.

The client feedback I've had so far has not been good about UpWork. Confusing interface, crashes... The clients I've heard from are NOT happy.

What can I add ...make PDFs of your job histories ...just in case guys.

I am sure it is like...

Elance and Upwork are two friend who started their businesses.

ELance work hard and got reputation UPwork starts feeling jealous so he made a plan. he come to Elance and ask him to join the business so they will grow more together.

The End of story is fairly simple - both will try to lift the business but forget that one business can not be run good by two bosses simultaneously. they start fighting and in the result they demolish their empire.

Elance Do not Move you are good as you are, you do not need to merge with someone.