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Updated Feature: Now Broadcast Messages to Folders.

Quick, spread the word. Elance is making it easier than ever for clients and freelancers to communicate with each other en masse.

Now you can quickly and easily send a single message to Folders in your My Elance page. The message can be sent to one Folder, to select Folders, or even to all of your Folders at once.

Previously, the Broadcast Message feature could only be used to send the same message to multiple jobs in My Elance. With this update you can make quick work of communicating with an even larger group of Elancers.

This is great for letting teams know anything from upcoming vacation dates to personnel changes and updates on the schedule of a project. Here’s how to use the enhanced Broadcast Message feature:

1. Select more than one job or Folder by selecting the check boxes on the left
2. Click on the "Broadcast Message" button in the panel
3. Type your message and click "Send"


This was one of those most awaited feature from a much long time. I had many problems to send messages to multiple recipients. I did it by copying the same message and sending them individually. Thanks for including it soon, this is a great time saver indeed. auto repair plantation

Thanks for bringing new updated feature :)

This is really good.
With this resource, we able to communicate quickly with our clients.
Studio Domingos

Thank you! Now that I am using Folders for ongoing clients this feature will come in handy.