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Vote Early! Vote Often! Help Elance Pick Our $1,000 Photo Contest Winner.

After a tremendous response (including nearly 1,500 amazing photos submitted by Elancers across the globe), we’ve narrowed the list to our top 25 Finalists in the Freedom Through Work Photo Contest.

Needless to say it was a tough task whittling down the field, given so many inspirational photos.

But we think these 25 Finalists truly reflect the heartfelt sentiments of Elancers everywhere. Now we need your help in picking who wins the $1,000 First Place prize (all other Finalists receive a $25 Amazon gift card).

Cast your vote for the winner now, and help decide who best exemplifies that spirit of freedom you get from working on Elance. Hurry though, as voting ends on September 10. You can vote once per day, so return again tomorrow and vote again.

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the contest and shared your stories and photographs. It’s awesome to see so many people who Work Differently™ and embrace a more liberating lifestyle. You’re the absolute best, and you take a great photo too.


Thanks Elance for creating this contest :) May the best one wins :)

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to show the world, that, how we work and live our lives. Elance is doing great work to bring people together, Giving chance to live the dream..... And May the best one win ... Congrats in dance to winner and all participants..

I don't like any of those. Really, there were many more which would have deserved to be picked up.

I'm sorry to hijack this this post, but there is something urgent I wanted to bring everyone's attention to !

Elance recently removed all the comments (including mine) from the blog Simplified Connects and New Member Features which criticised its latest set of changes. However for some reason it chose to keep all the comments which supported its move in part or whole. This pained me a lot.Probably, Elance found censoring feedback the only way to supress criticism!

1) I know Elance is not a democracy, but was it a morally right move on the part of Elance, which is known to bat for improving transparency?

2) Even though it has the right to make any changes it likes to it system, does this move really increase a freelancers' shrinking trust in elance?

3) Why cant freelancers, who express their concers with the right? Don't they have the basic right to free speech and to give feedback to improve the system? Aren't we the major stakeholders of Elance?

I'm posting this with the understanding that my comment too will be deleted in know time, and my voice crushed. However, this is the only article which allowed me to voice my frustration, and I really felt the need to highlight this issue.

Shubham K

How can I participate the contest. I didn't find any way.