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Wanna Have A Gas? Get On Board For Startup Bus 2013.

With South By Southwest (SXSX 2013) just around the corner, Elance is doing things up 

Elance Startup Busin a BIG way (yup, everything is bigger in Texas).

We’re co-sponsoring the exciting Startup Bus 2013 competition, which hits the road starting March 3.

During this fun competition several teams will motor from various cities, while furiously working to launch a product by the time they roll into SXSW. This means turning their entrepreneurial ideas into a reality in just 72 hours. On a cramped bus. With no sure guarantees of personal hygiene.

As an Elancer you have two ways to be a part of the festivities. You can even choose which specific Startup Bus to support and follow, as buses will be taking off from several different cities (including Mexico City).

1. Be on a StaStartup Bus logortup Bus remote support team.

Apply to be on a Startup Bus’ “parked” team, offering on-demand skills when needed. Each team will have a host of professionals online waiting to tackle specific jobs. You’ll get paid for your hard work as well, plus grow your reputation tremendously.

2. Follow the Startup Buses activities online.

Can’t participate? Browse the Elance Facebook page and follow our tweets, keeping track of each team’s progress. We’ll keep you posted on how the work is going and who drives away with the winning work. Check back often at the Elance blog too, as we’ll update activities throughout the week.

Hurry, buses are boarding soon.

If you want to be included on an Elance Startup Bus 2013 team, you’ll need to act fast. Really fast. We’ll be assigning remote seats in the next few days. So apply now – because that’s just how you roll.