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A Warm Welcome To VAT-Compliant Invoices.

It just never gets old. Once again Elance is excited to announce an industry first: VAT (as in, Value Added Tax).

Now freelancers based in Europe, Australia or Canada can easily add VAT to Elance job proposals and invoices. This is huge for businesses looking to hire locally and be fully-compliant with VAT legislation. And it’s even more monumental for freelancers who will now find it easier than ever to get hired locally.

Freelancers simply enable the VAT feature through your Invoice & Tax Settings. Then when working for clients in countries we support, all job proposals will include a line item where you can add VAT%. Your invoices will automatically include the VAT%. And rest assured, the invoice formats meet all VAT requirements.

The result is a super-simple way to report and pay taxes.

We could further explain how VAT-compliant invoices work, but the video team would be bummed. They put a lot of hard work into our quick VAT video tutorial and would love for you to watch it below. You’ll also find lots more information at our VAT-compliant invoice webpage. Check them both out.


This is really cool. Is there any way we can get something like this for the USA to calculate our taxes?

Seriously. Is Elance mostly used by Europeans? By developing this first for Europe, I guess that's probably true. Oh well.

Why no support for New Zealand? This is a major pain in the neck at the moment