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Why Millennials Love E-Commerce

Here are some thoughts on freelancer productivity from Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay.


Millennials (the term used to refer to those born between 1980 and the year 2000 — give or take a few years) make up more than a quarter of the global population, and are estimated to be a demographic with $200 billion in annual buying power by 2017.  

However, to lure this influential group, marketers and merchants must understand that although millennials were born and raised by baby boomers, Gen X and silent generation parents, what they value, where they find information, and how they purchase differs greatly from their parents.

Here’s a look at why millennials love e-commerce:

They don’t believe advertising.  Most millennials don’t recall a time when advertisers controlled messages, perception or public opinion. Having come of age in an era of the Internet and social media, traditional advertising’s influence is nearly extinct in the eyes of this demographic. Just 1 percent are swayed by it, according to an Elite Daily study.

E­-commerce provides the transparency and public exchange millennials crave. With features like online customer product reviews, social media sharing, and customer forums, e-commerce gives millennials the power to research and make purchase decisions on their own terms. The Elite Daily study also revealed that 43 percent of millennials value authenticity over content when determining what they ultimately believe.

They’re price sensitive. Millennials have had less than stellar experiences with money. Many entered the job market during the 2007 recession, have struggled to find employment, and may be saddled with debt from student loans that hinders their financial lives. On top of their own money woes, many witness their baby boomer parents struggle with the financial inability to retire, secure affordable health care, and live on social security.  Millennials may have the education that can help to yield high salaries — but they’re price sensitive. E-commerce gives them the opportunity to research the “all in” aspects of a purchase before they pull the trigger, including competitor prices, shipping fees, taxes and the impacts of a promotion or discount.

They want a voice.  As a group, millennials want to be heard. E-commerce allows customers to share their opinions via social media with other potential customers, and their own online networks. Because e-commerce business models typically involve less overhead, they may have more flexibility than a brick-and-mortar environment to seek the input of customers, and put their ideas into action with new products, services and strategies. Nearly half of the respondents to Elite Daily’s study said they want to give companies feedback about their products and services and participate in decisions about future offerings.

They want the lowest effort means of interaction. Millennials are accustomed to instant gratification. Compared to other demographic cohorts, they’re more active on social media, more likely to sleep next to their mobile devices, to have conversations over social media, text or instant message than in person or by phone, and are more willing to try emerging technology, including alternative financial institutions, mobile payments and virtual currency. All of these activities are based on the idea of instantaneous results, with minimal effort. E-commerce gives millennials the “always on” access to the goods and services they want.

They use their time on their terms. Going to the mall requires time and effort associated with driving to the mall, parking, interacting with salespeople, navigating crowds, waiting in lines, taking time to find an item (and trust that it’s offered at a competitive price), and adhering to specific hours of operation. Millennials know they have more convenient options to spend their time in the form of e-commerce — and they use it to their advantage. A study by the Urban Land Institute revealed that though nearly half of millennials spend an hour a day browsing online, more than a third rarely or never go to a physical mall.

E-commerce is a symbiotic tool for merchants and millennials. The low-cost nature of a virtual storefront gives businesses the flexibility to experiment with prices, service policies, promotions and product mix in a low-risk environment. For millennials, e-commerce offers the control they crave, to purchase, share information and form opinions on their terms.


Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay, a credit card processing firm. She has more than 20 years experience in the bankcard various industries including marketing, direct sales and sales management. Follow her on Twitter at @BluePay_CMO.

Millenials photo courtesy of Joe Gaylor



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What a big Shame for Elance that it would wind down and moving to upwork which is a huge worst thing.
i got a good job and never want to work on Upwork. working on Upwork like a SERVICE FREE OF COST.

The comments on here are very worrying. I have just secured my first job through Upwork and whilst searching for that I noticed that the standard of jobs on Upwork match those on 0desk. The rates are ridiculous. One advert wanted a 'rock star VA' and the rate was $5. Seriously, who applies for these jobs, it is not even minimum wage. Hopefully word will get out that freelancers want an 'elance' type company and there will be a breakaway company start up.


Noticed your comment and wanted to let you know there's petition going around you may be interested in viewing and signing:

Good luck to you!

I hope Elance can stay as long as they can. I can not find as many freelancers on Upwork as those I found on Elance. It is very very slow to access Upwork. Could the technical team do something about that? It was upgraded to a slower website. I did not get it.

Whatever said and done, at the end of the day, it's all for good. I can see lot of negative feedbacks, as well as positive ones.
My personal opinion, there are so many freelancers, the same person appears with different names and emails and areas of expertise, bidding on projects and trying to win bids, and you can't blame them, because it's a way to get some work and make an honest living.
When we all become Upwork community, it will be more visible and transparent, and a bigger community with more pooled talent, more competitive in this online jungle and possibly a more controlled and disciplined freelancer community. I have personal experience of some scammers hanging around in freelancer platforms, if Upwork can find a way to block/limit such con-artists, it will be a blessing for the whole freelancers community.

Elance is better than Upwork. Really disapointed by this step.

upwork is really a disaster

Tried upworks, they duplicated payment and the best I got is it "was a system glitch", yes I needed work done so as an eLance'r I tried them, they seriously are incompetentent. I would love for management to post one good reason we all have to become subject to their stoopidity! Have we not earned you enough money, 8.25% not enough for your corporate greed? selling out to 10%, which is much more attractive. I am hauling all my clients off line and skipping corporate greed and leaving your corporate gluttony out! Sure, skipping new leads, my current client base is great. I have a few words for your new slobs: "Leave me out!!" I tried upworks when I needed help and I got billed twice and still trying to resolve, so talk about a complete failure, I would never subject my clients to that crap!!! Good luck with selling your souls to upworks, it is a downturn in your works. You soulless sods!

To those whose who post "it is a better system" and those that are willing to respond! Idiot is all I have to say about the first, get a few jobs and then post, and to the responders, please don't waste your time - you seriously think these corporate suck that sold their souls care? It sucks. I tried it (upworks), billing was messed up (got billed twice) and all I got was "it was a technical glitch" and still awaiting getting money back into my bank! I say you suck! Wholesale!. Sign the petition and please keep upwork for upending our work environment! If management is listening I am hauling my clients off line wholesale so screw you'll! You forced me to do this so I am forced to do this! Quid pro quo! If I can't help it if the 8.25% I earn your is not enough, go for the greedy 10% plus transaction cost from selling your souls to those corporate gluttonizes! 10% my ass! I will take my clients offline! Seriously sell your soul to upwork, loose my business!

I recently switched over to Upwork, which I never liked when it was o'Desk. I am not pleased or happy with Upwork at all. I am constantly declined for work I submit proposals for and no one wants to pay over $3.00 really or much at all. I enjoyed Elance because I was able to get work, clients, and pay. It was an easy platform to get around. I guess I will have to leave Upwork sooner or later because what's the point of having an account if clients keep declining my proposals, leaving no source of income coming in for me. I have excellent ratings and reviews and great work ethics. Also, I just want to note that when I was on o'Desk a few years back, some clients there were not honest and I lost $60.00 because I was not paid at all for work I did accurately and in less than 24 hours, where even the non-paying client said I did an excellent job in a message. I do not like Upwork! I cannot get work on the site and the platform is not great! I prefer Elance and wish Elance would stay around where the clients are fair, paying, and hire!

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Petition to Upwork's, "Stephane Kasriel, Thomas Layton: Stop Upwork from shutting down Elance."

I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:


Thank you. Read my other comments here for examples of Tweets and FB posts to try and #SaveElance

Push this forward to other elancers here. You can HELP by staying in this forum area and looking for people that don't want to move to Upwork and post this above to them in a Reply. it would sure help if everyone did this. Just look for a post, then Reply with the above. Make sure the link to the petition works if you copy/paste this as it may it cut off. So open in your browser and resource the link to the petition again and then paste it into your reply to one the elancers here.

This guys disable comments in "Update On Migration Process To Upwork" post because people want to Elance not to be close

e-commerce has grown like anything in last few years. Hope to see many improvements in coming time as well.

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Evolving technology and social media have helped bridge the gap between consumers and brands.

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