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You’ve Been Upgraded. Now Enjoy More Connects!

We’re excited to roll into 2013 with a full head of steam. Now more than ever Elance is helping freelancers Work Differently and be more successful.

A case in point: More Connects.

We’re now increasing the number of Connects you’ll automatically receive each month. This means starting January 29, 2013, without a second thought, you’ll have more opportunities to submit job proposals and boost your career.

The chart below shows how many more Connects you’ll receive each month (depending on the membership plan you have). Read more to learn about all changes to Connects. Also feel free to upgrade your account if you’re feeling inspired and want even more Connects for more job prospects.New Elance Connects Chart

Mark your calendar for a weeklong Work Differently Summit, February 18-21.

To get you motivated and deliver real-world tips, Elance will also be hosting a Work Differently Summit in mid-February.

The summit will include a series of online events throughout the week. These 20-30 minute sessions (including a chance for Q&A) will feature different Elancers discussing their experiences and offering first-hand advice. We’ll mix in successful freelancers and clients, giving you a perspective from every angle. You’ll get astute advice from Elancers like yourself, hearing stories and discovering new ways to get more from our workplace. Tune in for insights ranging from how freelancers have turned Elance into a way of life, to how clients are using the platform to build bigger and better companies.Work Differently at Elance

While the exact times of the sessions aren’t etched in stone, check back soon and we’ll let you know when to plop-down in front of your screen for some really, really interesting discussions.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned Elancer, you’re sure to learn from these live video sessions (we’ll make them available to watch later too, if you miss a favorite).

Oh, don’t forget to enter our Work Differently Photo Contest.

You can still win $500 or $250 and be spotlighted on Elance. It’s a fun and simple contest, just submit an inspiring photo of you as you Work Differently, and write a brief note explaining your unique story. Learn more about the contest, or cut to the chase and enter to win.




that is just so wonderful :)

Good one..

Awesome great news... thanks for the increase.

Great always love to work with elance. Thankx for the increase.

Now break the barrier and get more clients.....Thanks Elance

Many Many thanks for the scope of more possibilities.

Thank you so much... more connects.. happy more bidding.. more client.. more escrow.. now.. elance will happy.. we happy .. client happy... so its win win for all of us... Elance.. would have done this much earlier... thanks

Great news!
Always love to work at Elance.
Thanks for the increase.

This is welcome news! Thank You -Thank You Elance :-) This will help also with jobs that close and are never awarded..eating those connects like pacman.haha

It's too much connects for basic membership. Now anyone can bid on any projects without thinking too much for each connect. So many proposals will now be just copy/paste and of course, decreased chance to get job, more competition which implies lower bids like on other freelance sites. Not smart move at all...

Thank so so much. For sure this is a Happy New Year. I Love Elance!!!

Thanks Elance to ....

Did Anyone notice now you are paying more on additional connects.

Not really a good step, It should be like before - Everyone was happy.
or may be 20 connects for basic and not 40 and 60.

Great Step
but we didn't receive any extra connects yet ? ?? :(

It was supposed to start nine days ago. I have not seen additional connects.I have a paid membership.

When will we get Extra Connections ?

I was wondering the same thing, Jam!

Great news, awesome !

I am happy for this Great news.

Nice, Thanks elance.

Hi Elance!
I am very interesting with your offer for contractors.. My best Freelancer site is Elance.com Because there your All is very clear
Yes Thank you again for your New offer..

I wish you Elance Team...

Thanks for giving an increase.

This is beneficial news for most of the bids are lost in search of jobs. Thanks to Elance!

Thank you for the connects! One really needs quite a few since there are many other people bidding on projects. I hope that I can make due with only 60! :)


It's great news!
It would be good for freelancers and as well as also for Élance.

wow! waiting for more connects!

I really *strongly* prefer elance over the other freelancing sites I'm on - but am forced to switch over when I run out of connects.
This is an awesome move for the company, and will prove beneficial for all. I know it means that I'll be spending more time here, and less time elsewhere!

Good. Congratulations and thank you. That was my request when doing the survey a few days ago.

Awesome !!

Great news.... Thank You elance..

Really very good idea i liked it

Is it for real? I still have 11 balance from 15. When will I get this 40? It would mean I can apply at more places

More Connects to providers essentially means more proposal spamming. A lot of providers already submit proposals on a mass scale disregarding the project requirements and more Connets are only going to encourage them continue doing so.

This is really great news! Very positive thinking! Thanks Elance

It's February 6th, and I still don't have any more connects beyond the 15, of which I've used 5. What's up with that? I thought I was supposed to have 40 on the 29th of January, not just 15?

happy to hear that

This is good decision as it makes more opportunity.

I checked my connects and there is no increase in my connects number . I am a basic member , can any one tell hot to increase the update the connects ?

Thanks for more opportunities.....

i have only 15 connects now insted of 40 as shown by you in mail sent to me

Thank you very much!
Now it's up to us.

thanks, good one.

My billing cycle is 18th day to 17th day next month. So, I've to wait until next renewal to enjoy this extra benefit.
Good initiative though. I've created several tickets for this also and gave my opinion and shout.

Cheering now. Cheers everybody.

Thank you for increasing the connects, this made me very happy today, Should have done this before, Other sites make these opportunities unlimited and as someone said this is a win win action.

Great news! but when will I get this 40?

Real Good News. Thanks

Superb Elance, Thanks for more conncets.

Thank you very much elance!