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MySQL: Why It's Hot

MySQL is currently the third most in-demand skill on Elance, moving up three spots since October.  In the last 30 days alone over 1,200 MySQL projects were posted.

In case you're not familiar, here's some background:  MySQL is an open-source relational database management system with over 11 million installations worldwide.  When Facebook first launched, they used MySQL to manage all their data - and they still use it today.

Reach Your Target Audience With Social Media

You no doubt are thinking about leveraging Digg and StumbleUpon to reach your target audience, but have you heard of Reddit.com, Sphinn.com or a vertically-oriented social media site like Tipd.com?  The social media arena is rapidly changing, with new entrants and opportunities sprouting up, and so we asked Chris Bennett, an internet marketing expert and a friend of Elance, to discuss some of the newest and growing social media sites best suited for viral marketing … and more importantly, tell you how you can use these outlets to reach your audience.

Digg.com and StumbleUpon.com are incredibly popular social media sites.  They can help you find your target audience and drive massive traffic to your website… but there are also other games in town.  Let's take a look at a few other social media sites you may want to consider as sources to drive traffic and build relevant links for your website:

How To Review A Provider Profile

I've spent a lot of time of late talking to employers and helping them through the proposal review and selection process. One of the things I'm finding is that many prospective clients like to search Elance for providers based on specific requirements, and proactively invite selected providers to submit proposals.  But, what to look for when reviewing an Elance profile page?

Here are techniques to help you quickly – yet thoroughly – evaluate each Profile to determine which provider is the right fit for your work.

Key areas to review:


Free Skill Tests Start Today

We are excited to announce that all skill tests are now free of charge.  That's right – Elance providers can take any one of 245 tests to highlight their qualifications and differentiate themselves at no charge.

We also recently added almost 70 new tests, including project management, financial reporting and Linux.

Why should you consider taking a skills test?

To Feature Or Not To Feature … Is There A Question?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever hesitated when listing your job on Elance when you’re confronted with the decision to pay the $15 bucks to list your job as “Featured”?

You’ve no doubt seen Featured posts on the site (note the shading with the snappy corresponding purple label), as they certainly do stand out from the rest of the listings, but have you ever wondered what other benefits those job listings have?

Wonder no more. Here are a few tidbits as to what makes these posts a favorite for some of Elance’s most successful job posters.

Elance Blog Gets A Makeover

We’re kicking off 2009 with a new blog design for our readers - we hope you like it!

We went for a simple and clean design to make it easier for you to read, browse and search for blog articles.

We hired and collaborated with elancer Ketan Sethi from Eyeforweb to design and code the new blog template – thanks, Ketan!

16 Must-Have Online Tools for Freelance Programmers

With the number of free plug-ins, toolbars, applications and other widgets ever increasing, you may wonder which ones are really worth your time.

As a freelance programmer, the last thing you have time to do is research online tools – so Elance did it for you. Check out our list of 16 online tools that may help you save time and increase quality.

Serving the OLSB Community

We’re pleased to announce a joint effort with Microsoft to connect Microsoft Office Live Small Business customers with skilled elancers through a new Services Marketplace.

Starting today, Microsoft is directing all Office Live Small Business customers who need web design and marketing assistance directly to Elance to get the help they need. Check it out

7 No-Brainers for 2009

Start this year off right – revisit your goals, set new targets, and create a plan to grow your business. Here’s a reminder of the ways you can improve your existing services, grow your capabilities, and creating meaningful customer relationships in 2009.

Stay in touch with potential customers.
Follow-up is critical at all times, but especially during the sales process. Work hard to sell the quality of your work and service and communicate effectively and you’ll win more jobs. Stay on top of every proposal and respond quickly to questions or request for samples.

Simplified Way To Get Hired

We launched several changes to the website today, including:
• Enhanced access to skills testing for providers
• Simplified way to hire directly from provider profiles
• Improvements to the status reporting feature