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New Tools To Evaluate, Interview and Hire Your Service Provider

We are excited to announce the latest product release to the Elance community. The primary goal of this release is to optimize the evaluation, interviewing and hiring process for buyers (and in turn, leading to successful award outcomes for our providers.)

How StumbleUpon Can Work For You

Imagine a ‘friend’ who could recommend websites you’re interested in. Sound good? StumbleUpon could be the friend you’re looking for – and might just help you drive traffic to your website or blog while you’re at it.

Brian Reeder - Guest Contributor

StumbleUpon isn’t a search engine; it’s a web browser plugin that allows users to discover and rate web pages, photos, and videos. Once you download the plugin (don’t worry, it’s a fast download), you’ll use the StumbleUpon toolbar to “stumble” the web.

Margot Finds Her Voice

Paul Ranson, Founder and CEO of UK-based Slam Productions, creates computer and video games for game consoles such as Sony PS2 and Nintendo Wii. The company was founded in 2007, and has created many video games - Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Telly Addicts, and Top Trumps, to name a few.

Margot - Lead Character
Margot's Wordbrain Game

When a downturn in the video game industry prompted Paul to streamline staffing from 12 to 4 in-house employees, he turned to Elance to find and hire creative talent to help fill in the gaps of his newly slimmed down team. The in-house Slam Productions team is now completely comprised of programming talent.

25 Projects You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If you're a small business owner with too much to do and not enough time to do it, think about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you with your work.

You will be amazed at the variety of work a VA can help you with - just browse our newest article, 25 Projects You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant, to learn how to work with a VA and help make your life easier and your business run more smoothly.  

How Digg Can Help Market Your Business

If you have a website or blog – and even if you don’t – Digg.com is an incredibly valuable resource. If you’re simply a casual user, it’s a gold mine of great stories, tutorials, and tips...and better yet, it can be a great way to drive massive amounts of new visitors to your website.

Chris Bennett, Guest Contributor

What is Digg?
Digg is the biggest social news site on the web: According to Compete.com, in March 2008 over 19 million people visited Digg.com. Unlike traditional news sources where editors and publishers decide what qualifies as ‘news,’ what appears on Digg.com is controlled by the Digg community.

How to Create a Facebook Application

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Facebook, and you might have even read Anita Campbell’s most recent blog post about why you should think about Facebook as a potential marketing channel. But how would you even get started?

We asked Usman Akbar (username: inexpensive222), an Elance provider and experienced Facebook Application developer, to create a primer on the Facebook API and Facebook applications so that you can hit the ground running when you find and hire a developer to create a unique, branded Facebook Application for your business:

In May 2007, Facebook launched the Facebook Platform which allows software developers to create applications deeply integrated with Facebook. Over 20,000 applications have been built on the Facebook Platform to date, 140 new applications  are added daily, and more than 95% of Facebook members have used at least one application built on Facebook Platform.1

Interview with Ariel, Best Website Design Winner

Meet Ariel Tehrani, Elance buyer and winner in the Best Design category of the Best Websites on Elance Recognition Program. I caught up with Ariel to learn more about his company, Falcon Hyundai, and the award-winning design of the Falcon Hyundai website.

Elance: Why is it important for Falcon Hyundai to have a professionally-designed website?

Ariel: As the owner of a dealership, I have access to a number of resources that do template dealership websites. However, I felt that all of those templates were overused, and I did not want a “cookie-cutter” website.

What I really wanted was a fresh design -- something that other dealerships don’t typically do. So I used Elance to find and hire providers who could create and design a great looking website for my dealership.

The Best Websites on Elance - Winners

We want to congratulate the winners of The Best Websites on Elance.

We want to thank everyone who nominated a website, and we look forward to seeing more outstanding website projects this year!

View winning entries 

How I Met Guy Kawasaki (But Have No Idea How Tall He Is)

Four Online Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

I’m not sure about you, but I know literally hundreds or thousands of people online who I’ve never met in the flesh.

One of them is Guy Kawasaki, the well-known venture capitalist and founder of Truemors and Alltop. Guy Kawasaki is a web celebrity. I’ve never been together with him in the same room – strangely, not even at a conference. For instance, I have absolutely no idea how tall he is.

But I still feel like I’ve met him.

And so do tens of thousands of others. It’s all because we have connected with Guy on some social networking site online or heard him speak via video or audio. We feel a bit of a personal connection with him. His brand – the Guy Kawasaki personal brand – sticks in our minds.

Greenlancing – How Virtual Workers Help Save the Earth

For Earth Day, we tried to estimate the kind of impact that Elancers are having on the environment.

Every week, small businesses farm out thousands of marketing, technology and administrative jobs to 50,000 members of the Elance professional network, and they are also doing something good for the environment.