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Easy SEO for Joomla and Drupal

In most cases, a website content management system (CMS) is not just an option for success of a website, it’s a requirement. Two of the more popular CMS choices around today are Drupal and Joomla.

But how do you make sure your CMS system is configured properly for search engine marketing (SEO)?

Read below for a short SEO to-do list that will help draw traffic to your Drupal or Joomla website.

Investing in Technology: Investing In Your Business

Barack Obama and John McCain differed on many things – social issues, economics, foreign policy and more. One of the things that also differentiated their campaigns was their use of technology. What can your business learn from how two politicians, in the most closely watched contest in most of our lifetimes, used technology?

Traditionally, Republicans have led Democrats in the use of technology to reach and organize local organizers to drive “get out the vote” campaigns. However, in this election, according to all “Monday morning pundits” one of the reasons the Obama campaign was able to rally an army of volunteers and voters was due to its superior use of technology.

What about your business? Are you investing in the right technology and strategically using it to maximize productivity in your business?

Here are some technologies you should be investing in and planning to maximize for 2009:

Make Every Proposal Count

Your profile, portfolio, credentials, references, and feedback establish your credibility and showcase your skills - but, in most cases the first (and possibly the last) impression you make on a potential client will be through your bid proposal.

Whether you submit a proposal on one job or 100 jobs, you’re only looking for one outcome: to be hired. Here are some ways to make every proposal count:

Recession-Busting Tips for Small Businesses

It’s an understatement to say that the current economic slowdown has created some uncertainty about the future.

To manage this uncertainty, small business owners are probably taking rational steps to protect their business, such as trimming excess expenses and eliminating unnecessary spending.

However, cost-cutting isn’t the only strategy survival – rather, businesses can also focus on maintaining current revenues and priming the pump for future revenues.

But how can a small business do this?

Kick-Start Your Sales Team

Do you want to increase sales? Yes? Well, you’re not alone. In all likelihood, you’re limited by the amount of time you can spend finding, targeting, and building relationships with prospective customers. Give yourself – or your sales team – a boost by hiring an elancer to do your legwork so you can connect with your customers.

Show Your Customers You Care

Showing your customers that you care and value their business is more important now than ever. But how can you do this credibly, and genuinely? The key is to have a reason to communicate (other than just simple appreciation). 

Read on for a few effective ways you can show your customers you care:

Super-Elancer Dan Pierson Dabbles in Both Worlds

Dan Pierson found success while leveraging both Elance worlds – working as a provider and hiring as an employer.  As an Elance provider, Dan completed over 30 writing jobs, and currently uses Elance as his main source of income.  As an Elance employer, Dan hires providers located down the street from his office to around the world, and turned his business idea into reality.

Having just joined Elance in January of this year, Dan experienced quick success both as an employer and as a provider, and is thrilled to share how he did it.

Newly Hired Providers Discover 3D Graphic Work

Newly hired providers Jafar Tamal Sadiq and Harish Kattunga recently discovered Elance as a resource for finding 3D modeling work.

Tamal’s journey started in Bangladesh while Harish’s started in India – and although they’ve never met, they complete the same types of projects on Elance.

15 Ways Elance Serves as Your Secret Weapon

Tough economic times call for tough decisions when thinking about hiring full-time employees. Many small business owners don’t have the resources to hire full-time employees and even during boom times – they may decide against committing the resources.

Elancers are your secret weapon to get critical work done without the hassle and expense of hiring full- or part-time staff. Here are 15 ways that you can use Elance as your secret weapon.

Remote Experts Help Launch a New Business

Inspired by Tim Ferriss's book, 4-Hour Workweek, elancer Jesse Krieger set a challenge for himself: Launch a new business relying exclusively on the help of remote experts. Here's Jesse's story:

“A few months ago, I read about Elance in the 4-Hour Workweek and was blown away," Jesse said. “The idea of having a business staffed entirely by workers via the internet and not having to deal with an office environment was motivating.”