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Best Practices for Working With an Illustrator

Jonathan Tenkely (username: jtenkely) is an experienced illustrator and successful Elance Provider. We asked Jonathan to give our readers a few best practices on how to work with an Illustrator on Elance. Here’s what he had to say:

Jonathan Tenkely - Elance Provider

For many people, purchasing illustrations or hiring an artist to create a unique image is a new experience. Because each artist is different and the client-artist relationship is critical to success, it’s helpful to have a few basic tips to refer to when you want to hire an illustrator.

Give a Little, Help a Lot

If you could easily donate a few cents at every online purchase you make, wouldn’t you do it? Dan Quigley, founder of Change Round-Up, believes that you would – and has used Elance to help create a way to make it happen.

We asked Dan how his company works: “Change Round-Up is an online version of the spare change jar. When someone is making an online purchase, during the checkout process they are asked to round their total up to the nearest dollar, and donate the extra change to their favorite charity.”

Get Prepped with Patrick O'Malley

Elance buyer Patrick O'Malley founded his business, Get Prepped, in 1999. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Get Prepped offers courses on campuses nationwide to help law school applicants prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Get Prepped was born while Patrick was in law school and tutoring prospective law students. Soon thereafter, his entrepreneurial instinct kicked in and he decided to start a business focused on helping potential law school students prepare for the LSAT.

Overview of New Features

We are excited to announce our latest product release, which includes improvements that help the management of remote engagements and help Providers streamline several day-to-day administrative tasks. 

MyElance Redesign for Providers
Status Reports and Job Tracker

MyElance Redesign for Providers
The new MyElance interface lays the foundation for future enhancements and includes many suggested enhancements we have received over the last few months.  Watch the video tutorial »

Web Designer Reaches New Clients

Meet Ketan Sethi (username: EyeForWeb), a talented web designer and small business owner who joined Elance to reach new clients.

Ketan founded his web design business as a freelancer in 2004. Prior to getting into web design, Ketan worked for renowned news channel like Zee News and DD News as a 3D animator and graphic designer. While working for Zee News, Ketan became fascinated with web design.

Bowdabra Creator Staffs Company with Elancers

Meet Sandy Sandler, corporate gift expert and creator of Bowdabra, a bow-making tool.

Sandy started her product development/marketing business, Nuvelle Crafts, in 1996. Like most businesses, Sandy started small – only employing herself and one part–time assistant to run the day-to-day operations. Her business strategy has also included the idea of hiring on demand. She started the business knowing she would hire contractors and service providers to help it grow.

The Best Logos on Elance - Winners & Runners Up

We would like to thank the members who entered their logos in the 2008 Best Logos on Elance contest and all of the members who voted. View Winners >>

Elancers Help Create a New Kind of "Iceberg"

Business partners and Elance buyers Wayne Byrne and Robert Byrne found Elancers to help create software tailored to cut development time for programmers. The software, Iceberg, is essentially an application development platform that allows anyone to create custom-built business software, giving its users programming capabilities with a point and click interface.

Wayne and Robert began development of Iceberg in 2001 and continued over the course of four years – outsourcing parts of the development to Elancers.

Melissa Finds Success and Flexibility Working at Home

Melissa Rudy is a 32-year-old mother of three young girls (ages: 4, 2 and 3 months) who recently made a life-changing decision to work full-time on Elance.

Melissa – born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio – graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a writing certificate in Journalism.

Elance Buyers Share Outsourcing Tips


Experience is a great teacher – but gaining experience takes time. To get new buyers up to speed quickly, we asked buyers who post and award numerous Elance projects to share their wisdom.

The following are just some of the great tips we received for communicating with providers, evaluating bids, and managing the projects you award. Plus we’ve included some additional tips to help you succeed when hiring on demand.