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Optimized Email Design: The Medium is the Message

For many small businesses, email communication is a key marketing tactic used to generate leads, engender customer loyalty and share important news. We asked Melinda Baxter of ExactTarget, a leading provider of on-demand email marketing software solutions, to share tips on how your marketing emails should be designed to achieve maximum results.

Whether you are new to email marketing or hope to optimize your current program, I’d like to start by asking you a very basic question: “Are you designing your email for the email environment or are you merely repurposing a direct mail or print piece?”

How to Do Basic Website SEO

He’s back by popular demand...

As a follow-up to his article, 13 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral, we asked Chris Bennett, a Search Engine Optimization expert, to share a few basic tips for helping your website perform better in search rankings.

Let’s start with a commonly misunderstood concept: Search engines don’t rank websites; they rank web pages. Many people assume if they optimize their website for a number of keywords then all search traffic will go to their homepage. Actually the opposite is true; search engines look for relevant pages, not relevant websites.

How to Build a Simple Website

Have you always wanted a website, but didn’t know how to even start thinking about identifying and describing what you wanted, much less finding someone to help you build it?

We asked one of our busiest website providers, Kevin Faro of UNorth, LLC, to create a template you can use to outline your dream website.

Doubtsourcing Comic


The creator and writer behind Doubtsourcing is Sandeep Sood, Founder & CEO of Monsoon Company, a web design/development firm based in Berkeley, CA and Mumbai, India. Sandeep draws upon his vast experience in outsourcing as inspiration for Doubtsourcing.

Using a Blog to Attract New Business

Blogs, like email house lists, can be excellent tools to communicate with existing customers. They can keep you top of mind with existing customers or contacts, provide customer service information, short tutorials and other information for existing customers.

But what about using a blog specifically to attract new business? How good is a blog as a prospecting method, or demand-generation method, or whatever phrase you want to give to the concept of “getting new business”?

Having blogged for over 4 years now, I have found a blog to be an excellent source of new business. But I’ve also learned what a blog is NOT.

NY Baby Boomer Launches Embroidery Training Website

At 69 years young and a proud member of the baby boomer generation, Joyce V. Jagger is in no way slowing down.

In fact, she transitioned her offline embroidery business into a web-based consulting service.  Here's how:

9 Tips for Super Charging Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an established and rapidly growing marketing channel that is a valuable source of sales and leads for small and large companies alike.

These tips provide advertisers with the capability to quickly and easily focus on the highest priorities, build on successes, and most efficiently and effectively assess their pay-per-click advertising performance regardless of how much money they invest each month.

Vroom Foods Takes Off With Elance

When Vroom Foods revved up its engines in 2001, Elancers provided the branding and marketing support that put this start up on the road to success.

Trevor Kensey, Vroom Foods Director of Marketing and his colleague and brother, Jason Kensey, shared with us the Vroom story and the role Elance providers played in the company's launch.

Baby Boomer Turns Life Experiences Into Full-Time Freelancing Career

52-year old Niel Leon, a full-time Product Development consultant on Elance (Elance username: ConnectUTS), leveraged his lifetime of work experience to start his freelancing business.

To understand where Niel is today, with a successful freelancing business that specializes in electro-mechanical product development, you have to learn about his diverse work background.

How to Get Started With Flash Programming

Most of you have probably heard of Flash and you’ve most likely seen it while browsing the internet … but how can you use it on your website?

Jon Emerson
Co-Founder & CEO, Siris Media

In a nutshell, Flash allows you to engage your audience with motion, sound and interactivity, which helps you deliver your message, sell your product or service, or promote your cause. Flash, well-designed and produced, is a great tool for developing dynamic content for the web and can be a great asset for your website.

In this article, you’ll learn what Flash programming is and how you can use it on your website to engage your audience and differentiate your business.