Work with freelancers in compliance

Worker classification

With Elance's self-serve tools, you can appropriately classify freelancers and ensure compliance with tax and labor laws. Set alerts for duration of service, and easily convert freelancers to W2 status with Elance Payroll Services.

Tax filing

U.S. based clients hiring U.S. freelancers may be required to submit a 1099 tax form to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For clients with multiple jobs and freelancers, this can involve a great deal of paperwork. Elance eliminates this manual process, and will file required 1099s on your behalf for free.
For longer-term freelancers relationships, Elance offers an integrated W2 solution that helps you minimize risk, save money, and easily manage your freelancers. With Elance Payroll Services, you can use the same Elance interface to manage your freelancers whether they are classified as 1099 or W2.

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Making sure that your freelancers carry the proper insurance is important for risk mitigation. Elance includes two levels of insurance protection for freelancers you hire through Elance.
E&O insurance
All providers on Elance are covered with Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O).
General and Professional Liability Freelancers working through Elance Payroll Services have the added protection of complete general and professional liability protection.

Spend analytics

Sophisticated reporting tools provide clear visibility into your freelancer spend. Analytics include:
  • Spend by purchase order (PO)
  • Spend by freelancer
  • Spend by project type
  • Project timeline tracking
  • Spend by provider location