Build your workforce online


Post your job or RFP in minutes

Elance has the world's simplest and most powerful RFP engine: you can publish your job to thousands of qualified contractors and start reviewing proposals within hours.

Choose how you want to work

  • Statement of Work: milestones, escrow, and weekly status reports keep fixed price projects on track.
  • Hourly: automated time-tracking and Work View™ let you see hourly work in real-time. Screenshots streamed to the workroom let you see how things are progressing or verify each hour billed.

Secure payments with zero overhead

Our payment platform makes paying contractors simple and efficient. Fund your account by ACH, Wire, or Credit Card. Many enterprise clients also have PO relationships with Elance.

Guaranteed work

Elance offers a new level of visibility to remote work. So much so that we guarantee you will only pay for approved results or hours.