Do Great Work
Now that you’ve been awarded a job, it’s time to manage the work and deliver great results. Once you have been hired by a client, you will receive a message notifying you that you’ve won the job. Clicking on this notification will bring you to the Terms page.

This is where you finalize the schedule and price of the job. There are two ways to work on Elance: Fixed Price or Hourly. If the job is fixed price, you will work by milestones and report progress on the work with weekly status reports. If the job is hourly, you will work by the hour and track your time with Tracker. Timesheets will be created automatically and submitted weekly to the client.
Fixed Price: Milestones

On fixed price jobs, it’s a good idea to set up an initial conversation to discuss the milestones and the schedule. Milestones define the amount of funds that will be held in escrow while the work is completed so it’s important to identify key pieces of work that will be delivered and paid for throughout the job. Agree to the milestone schedule by communicating with your client in the Workroom.
Fixed Price: Elance Escrow Payment Protection and Terms Changes

For Fixed-Price jobs, Elance Escrow serves as the main component of Elance Escrow Payment Protection. When your client awards the job, they will be notified to fund the first milestone. Once funds have been placed in escrow you will see a green check box under the "Fund Escrow" column in the "Billing and Invoices" page. Now, with funds securely committed, you can begin the work knowing that you will receive payment once work is delivered and approved.

Sometimes, changes to the size and scope of a job or the delivery schedule are unavoidable. Be sure to modify the Terms of the job in the Workroom to manage and track any changes agreed upon with the client. Remember, both you and the client will need to agree to any changes to the Terms before they are official.
Fixed Price: Status Reports

Use Status Reports to update your client weekly on milestone progress, plans for the upcoming week, or to highlight any issues that may be impeding progress. Sending Status Reports is not only important to keep everyone up-to-date on the overall status of the job, it serves as an official record of work completed. Marking a milestone as 100% complete on the Status Report will trigger a request to your client to release funds from escrow.
Hourly: Work View™ Payment Protection

If your job is an hourly job, you will track time spent working for the client with Tracker. Tracker automatically records time and sends it to the client in the form of a timesheet. The client then has 5 business days to review the timesheet, at which point it will be paid automatically. With Tracker, you don’t need to worry about billing or chasing clients for payment; Elance takes care of it for you.

Included with Tracker is the ability to document the work as it progresses with Work View™. Work View takes 5 random screenshots per hour and streams them into the Work View section of the Workroom. This allows you to prove the time you’ve billed is accurate and relevant to the job. Work View is optional and can be turned off, but without it, you are not protected by Elance's Work View™ Payment Protection.
Using the Workroom

As the job develops, it is important to use the Workroom for all communication and agreements, as well as delivery of files whenever possible. This is the only unalterable, official record of the work performed and serves as a central archive to which you can refer to during any renegotiation and future agreements.
Build your Client List and Your Level

Encourage feedback throughout the job by requesting continual input from the client. Make sure the client is 100% satisfied with your performance and ask to be kept in mind for future jobs. A long list of happy clients will drive future repeat business and strengthens your Elance reputation.
The more great work you deliver and positive recommendations you receive will also improve your Elance Level and will help you differentiate yourself as a quality freelancer on the site. You can also improve your Level by completing Skill Tests, adding credentials to your profile, and more. Learn more about Elance Levels here.

Elance Policy Reminder: Feedback cannot be changed or removed once it has been left by a client or a freelancer, and you must receive payment through the Elance platform in order to receive feedback. Requesting payment outside of Elance is against the Terms of Service and can result in the removal of your account.