Get Paid
Now that you’ve completed the work, let’s review how to manage and track your payments.

From the Manage tab you'll find your Billings page where you can click to the send invoices directly to clients for work performed. On this page, you will see your list of jobs in Working status. Select a job and click Next.
Request Payment Release

This will take you to that specific workroom’s billing page. If your job is an Escrow job you can request the release of the milestones that were previously funded before the work started. If it’s an hourly job, you can view timesheets already sent, send reminders for outstanding payments, or create new timesheets to send.
View Payment History

Clicking on the Billing link will bring you to a page which includes all payment documents from the last 90 days. You can filter this list by a variety of options including date range, Escrow funding status, and unpaid or paid invoices.
Track Outstanding Invoices

In your Billing List, you will see all Escrow fund and release requests and the status of invoices you sent to your client. Each line item will display relevant information such as the type of payment, job name, client name, date, status, and the amount. From here, you can view details of each payment and send reminders if you haven’t yet received payment. As you manage your work on Elance, this page can be a useful reference for your payment activity. When you receive a payment on Elance, a notification will be sent to you.
Payment Protection

With the Elance Escrow Payment Protection and Work View™ Payment Protection you can be confident you'll receive payment for your work.

On Hourly Jobs you're protected when both parties agree to utilize Work View™. By utilizing Tracker with Work View™ enabled, freelancers can seamlessly stream their work in real time to the workroom and receive automatic payment for time documented.

For Fixed Price Jobs stay protected with our licensed Escrow service, allowing you to start working knowing funds have been committed by the client and are securely held by Elance. Once work has been delivered, payment is released.

As an added protection, Elance also has a well-defined dispute assistance process to help resolve issues with jobs for all parties involved.
Account Activity

From the Manage menu, you can see a history of all Elance account transactions by clicking on the Transactions option. This is where you can view your current Elance account balance along with your transaction history which includes all debits and credits on your account. You can also view Scheduled Transactions, Withdraw Funds, Deposit Funds and Download Data.

Remember to check your Inbox to track and manage day-to-day tasks related to payments by clicking on the Inbox tab and filtering by Payments.
Elance Policy Reminder: Per the Terms of Service, when you begin working with a client on Elance, you must keep your relationship with that client and accept payments through the platform for two years. Taking an Elance relationship offline may result in your account termination.

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