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Elance provides instant access to the world's top pool of rated Programming, Marketing, Creative and Administrative contractors so you can get more work done, faster and more efficiently than ever.

Hiring on Elance is easy, just post a job and receive competing proposals from qualified contractors. Alternatively, you can submit your job only to
contractors you select.

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The skills you need, on-demand

Smart businesses are tapping into the human cloud for immediate access to the talent they need, only when they need it. Building your team of contractors on Elance offers unprecedented flexibility to staff up or down, and is much faster and less expensive than traditional staffing and outsourcing.

Manage online, even better than onsite

With Elance you manage online, with more visibility than ever before. Our platform lets you seamlessly collaborate with your contractors, view work in progress and maintain tight control of both projects and hourly jobs.

Pay only for results and hours worked. Guaranteed.

Elance is a safe place for business. You only pay for results and hours worked and are always backed by the Elance Work Guarantee.