Pay your contractors, hassle-free

Pay your contractors anywhere, safely and on time.

Elance Global Payments

Elance offers a complete platform to pay contractors worldwide. Fund your projects with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer and leverage Elance’s banking relationships to provide your contractors with the best withdrawal options available.

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Elance Escrow is a safe and effective way to pay for fixed-price work. Escrow protects both parties by pre-funding work and releasing payments only when results are approved.

Automated invoicing

Automating the billing and payment process allows client and contractors to eliminate administrative work including: manual timesheets, invoicing, and payments.

Dispute assistance

On the rare occasion you have an issue with a contractor, Elance is ready to help with dispute assistance.

Financial controls

Elance provides a unified system for payment approvals, analytics and reporting with a fully auditable trail of records.