Brad S

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“In terms of project work, Elance is always the first place I go. Living in an area where the cost of living is high, the time and money I save helps me to focus on what’s most important.”
Burn rubber, not cash.
Brad S, ClearMechanic

ClearMechanic allows customers to easily book their car repair online through PCs and smartphones. However, since they’re located in San Francisco, an area with high density and high salaries, CEO Brad Simmons knew he had to come up with a smart way to keep costs down. Fortunately, Elance offers a cost-efficient solution.

Brad estimates he saves 50-80% on projects by using freelancers around the world, including several Elancers whom he has ongoing relationship with (including developers and a data analysis team). But as well as saving money, the team at ClearMechanic loves how Elance simplifies working with overseas contractors. They save time and headaches while communicating with and paying workers in other countries. This allows Brad to focus on the core projects needed for success.