Charles M

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“While one might think transition from a traditionally offline job to online might be difficult - Elance feels like home, it’s very comfortable to use.”
Dollars and sense.
Charles M, Tax Consultant

Traditionally a face-to-face business, accountant Charles Markham has discovered what many who are good with numbers already know all too well. With advances in the internet and online sharing, the world of accounting is evolving rapidly. In fact, thanks to Elance, he’s now able to attract and maintain accounting clients from around the world.

Owner of his own independent service, Charles is quick to point out the many benefits of Elance Workrooms. In a secure Workroom he’s able to access sensitive documents shared by his clients, assured that the information will always be safe and accessible. He can also use Skype and other sharing tools to collaborate efficiently. As more and more conventionally brick-and-mortar business markets make the transition to online, Elance will continue to deliver great numbers.