Dennis H

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“I love to work at night, and Elance allows me to avoid a boring 9-to-5 schedule.”
Bring on the night.
Dennis H, Web Developer
Not everyone is suited for the daily 9-to-5 grind – especially not Dennis Hackethal. This Berlin-based Web programmer was in school and on the fast track to a successful IT career when he realized that the corporate life is unfulfilling (in his words, “boring”). Realizing that clients don’t really care if their programmer is in Berlin or Belize, he quit his “day” job and began working online at Elance. With his active life, this often means working at night after enjoying a full-day of fun activities. The rewards for Dennis have been incredible, both from an economic and lifestyle perspective. He also loves that he’s able to work on many different projects with a wide-variety of people around the world. This gives Dennis a chance to learn about other cultures, and to use his English and other languages he has picked up along the way.