Esteban T

We love making a difference.

“Thanks to what I earn working on Elance as a freelancer, I can pay for my rent, food, and school expenses. I can work on what I love doing – I love my job and I’m living the dream.”
Dad knows best.
Esteban T, IOS Developer

Living in Cuidad de Cordoba, native Argentinian Esteban is afforded few opportunities for career advancement nearby. But with internet access and a trusty PC, he’s really going places on Elance and even funding his continuing education.

A proud father of five young children, Esteban is supporting his family and doing the work he loves – helping entrepreneurs develop their mobile applications. Escaping the struggling local economy, he has a client base of over 80 businesses around the world and has complete 150+ projects. He chose the mobile app market specifically because it was in demand, and is taking more courses to further advance his skills. As well as paying the bills with online work, Esteban also loves how Elance lets him meet people from different places – introducing him to new cultures.