Gillian W.R

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“On Elance I feel valued and that I’m making great contributions.”
Great for careers. Period.
Gillian W.R, Writer

For freelancer writer Gillian Whyte-Roseway, Elance truly embodies the Working Differently philosophy. “As a freelancer I now have the freedom to choose when I work, where I work, how I work and most importantly who I work for,” says Gillian. She discovered Elance after facing the harsh economic realities of living and working in Jamaica, and realizing that she needed to “think outside the 9-to-5 box and utilize my skills in the most effective way.”

On Elance Gillian is able to significantly advance her article writing career and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. “Elance gives me the opportunity to work with and for the brightest minds, but on my own terms,” she explains. “Work is no longer just going to building, reporting to a manger and sitting around a desk. Whether I am at home or on the beach, an Elance job opportunity is just a click away.” Gillian notes that working on Elance is a collaborative process that’s a win-win for everyone. “I am able to give my best and be rewarded for it,” she points out, “and employers have access to the best talent.” Which reads to us like a powerful exclamation point on the reason for Elance.