Irene J

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“Elance is the perfect way to reach international customers.”
Elance Speaks Their Language.
Irene J, I & S Translation

When you’re in the translation business, your world is obviously limited by the number of languages you speak. Unless, of course, you turn to Elance. That’s where you’ll find reliable freelancers ready to help expand your offering. And this is exactly how Irene Jaindi of Austria-based I & S Translation continues to grow her business. She and Co-Founder Stefano realized early that their expertise in German and Italian would only allow the business to expand so far. Hence, they turned to Elancers to meet the needs of clients looking for translation in French, Spanish, Dutch, English and other languages.

“Elance helps us grow our business significantly,” said Irene. Plus, with the work happening online, Irene is also free to work wherever she wants. With her love of international travel, this is a major benefit. Plus the cost savings allow her to travel in style. “We probably save 80% compared to hiring a translator on site,” Irene adds. If you’re look for a work of advice, Irene stresses that you should read client feedback thoroughly before hiring, and look for professional and complete profiles.