James C

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“I use Elance for jobs too difficult or time-consuming for in-house. This frees our staff to work on more creative projects or one’s they’re more suited for.”
For bigger, it’s better.
James C, Challenge Power Trans.

With branches located in 11 countries and with hundreds of full-time employees, Challenge Power Transmission has no shortage of people ready to tackle projects. But to be more efficient and effective, the company regularly uses Elance for large jobs and projects outside their core competencies.

A case in point is Sales Manager James Cody, who recently used online freelancers for a 400-page catalog translated into eight languages. Not one to jump into a project blindly, James first got quotes from translation companies. Elance’s cost was 60% less, and he was thrilled with the team’s combination of language skills and technical accuracy. What’s next? Other translation jobs, website expansion and more.