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“With a limited number of available IT talent in our area, Elance fills the void.”
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Jan P, Pijajo

Pijajo is a German-based startup that tailors smart and specialized ERP-Systems and has its root within the Free University of Berlin. Although there’s a plethora of IT professionals in the region, it’s difficult for a young startup like Pijajo to attract the best talent. But on Elance Pijajo is able to hire and work with a variety web developers and web programmers. “And we’ll be hiring more backend and frontend teams as we continue to grow,” says Founder/Master of Science Jan-Martin Josten.

As well as a large quantity of skilled freelancers, Jan-Martin is equally impressed with the quality of talent he finds on Elance. “We’re fortunate to have access to the most experience talent,” he adds. Jan-Martin also emphasizes that Elance makes his life easier. “There’s a good overview of hours worked, and the automation of bills is very helpful,” he notes. We’re glad to hear this, as his free time is certain to diminish quickly. They’ve already released their first product – a way for promotion firms and personal agencies to better communicate and manage staffs – with more “best in class” products coming soon.