Joey S

We love making a difference.

“We were faced with hiring a single employee or 20 plus Elancers. It was a simple decision.”
Toast of the town.
Joey S, Global Wine Alliance

A true wine connoisseur, Global Wine Alliance Co-Founder and Vice President Joey Skatell knows a thing or two about creating perfect pairings. That’s why he matches perfectly-suited Elancers with his key jobs, creating amazing results again and again.

Joey uses a variety of our freelancers to keep his company growing, helping their clients find great wines among boutique and established wineries alike. This includes hiring Elancers with top skills in programming, legal matters, design, writing, marketing and more. He loves how multiple freelancers can simultaneously work on different aspects of a project to get work done faster. If you’re looking for tips on wine, visit his site. But if you want to know about getting awesome work, Joey suggests you always provide clear and concise milestones and goals to freelancers. Great advice. Cheers!