Laura P

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“I was at my wit’s end on how to make ends meet writing, until one day I stumbled across Elance.”
Written proof.
Laura P, Writer

Frustrated by the enormous obstacles confronting her as an inner-city teacher (not to mention a 1.5-hour commute and 16-hour work days), Laura realized all her hard work and dedication was going for naught. She felt like a mere clog in a colossal machine and longed to explore her true calling – that of a writer. Fortunately, after Googling “How to become a freelance writer,” Laura discovered Elance and found a new career that’s both emotionally and economically rewarding.

Within 2 months of registering at Elance, Laura made over $4,000 (while simultaneously pursuing a PhD and writing only part time). Since then the business has continue to grow and she’s now in the top 2% of Elance writers. Today she has many repeat clients on Elance and has even expanding her offering by assembling a team of Elancers – including additional writers, a video editor and an admin assistant.