Mark F

We love making a difference.

“Elance allows us to secure talent, virtually in real-time, to respond to our needs.”
Think fast!
Mark F, The Moneo Company

The Moneo Company didn’t get where they are by dragging their feet. Specializing in leadership training programs and advising management teams, their business thrives by staying fast on its feet. Many of those feet belong to Elance freelancers who President Mark Lee Ford hires for an assortment of critical projects.

Mark tips his cap to Elance for allowing The Moneo Company freedom to respond to situations they could never forecast or predict. When obstacles appear or scheduling gets tight, his first move is to hire a freelancer to get the job done ASAP. But by relying on the Elance talent pool Mark also saves money. In fact he stresses double savings – not only in the cost of freelancers but in the money he saves from in-efficiently trying to find and hire workers through conventional means (which he’s quick to point out is often proven fruitless anyway).