Matteo L

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“I value the power of client feedback, allowing me to hire people with a proven track record.”
The beauty of freelancers.
Matteo L, Tweety Beauty

Tweety Beauty is a popular website selling brand-name cosmetics to international markets. For Founder Matteo Lombardi, the key to his company’s success is to continue expanding into new markets. For the Spain-based company, that means using a wide variety of Elancers around the world – from content writers and translators to researchers. “Elance made my business possible from day one,” Mateo says. “I hired a lawyer on Elance to first enter the Brazilian market, and I also use web programmers and web developers to build the website.”

Matteo is quick to point out that Elance gives him a strong competitive advantage. “Most entrepreneurs think you need a better product or service,” he adds, “but having better cost and flexibility can be even more important.” Flexibility is critical to Tweety Beauty, he stresses, as they’re able to staff up or staff down according to needs. With versatility like this, it’s no wonder online workers are such an attractive option for Matteo and other fast-growing business.