Maxime B

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“As a global business, Elance has been the ideal associate for me. Without them I wouldn’t have achieved many of my project goals.”
Found in the translation.
Maxime B, LA Web Factory

Nothing is lost on Maxime Braire, Director of LA Web Factory. This includes how much of his company’s success he owes to the freelance talent hired through Elance. The truly global company runs several international websites employing many languages (and employing many talented contractors).

One of his websites is My Language Travel, the definitive spot for people looking to learn a foreign language abroad (now accessible in 20 languages thanks to Elance). For all websites LA Web Factory run, Maxime turns to Elance for multiple skills. He has hired Elancers from around the world for everything from translation and writing to website development, data entry and link building. After starting from scratch 4 years ago, the site has now several thousands of visitors annually and has become an authoritative website in the language travel industry. He estimates savings of $250,000 from using Elance.