Pedja V

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“Freelancing has allowed me to move past the lack of job opportunities due to living in a rural area and my lack of desire to retrain.”
Going for it in 3D.
Pedja V, Mechanical Engineer

Although he loves both mechanical engineering and his home country of Serbia, Pedja Valjarevic unfortunately found them both to be mutually exclusive before finding Elance. With no outlet to apply his job skills, Pedja called on Elance early in his career and has since built a thriving international business.

The Krusevac-based mechanical engineer loves applying his talents to computer-aided design (CAD) projects, including turning 3D modeling of mechanical parts and assemblies. With challenging projects constantly coming his way, Pedja is able to stay on the leading edge of the industry and improve himself and his skillset. Plus when the hour is late, he notes that Elance allows him the flexibility to set his own hours and enjoy life. As an independent freelancer he’s always in charge – of his time, the jobs he chooses and who he works with.