Ramon R

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“Elance helps me find talent, manage talent and most-importantly – grow my business.”
Plug-n-play for small biz.
Ramon R, Smallbiztechnology

To say that Ramon Ray understands the technology needs of small businesses is an understatement. As the Founder and Editor of the popular website smallbiztechnology.com, Ramon is a true Technology Evangelist with his finger on the pulse of emerging trends. It is this very commitment to top technology that first led him to Elance.

Years ago as his business hit the ceiling in terms of what’s possible working alone, Ramon “woke up” and realized he needed to hire a larger team. After considering all options, he chose Elance because he could find qualified experts with a wide variety of skill sets – much more practical and economical than hiring a limited number of full-time staffers. The results have been terrific, as his website continues to grow (thanks to Elancers ranging from writers and editorial coordinators to designers for his next book and a support staff to organize his national tour!).