Remington M

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“Elance offers a really fun way for me to gain career experience and make some extra money while still being a student. Plus, I never have to go back to cooking,”
Sharpening his skills.
Remington M, Graphic Designer

Remington McElhaney, a 19-year-old college freshman in Northern Idaho, was a part-time cook at a local ski resort throughout high school and into his freshman year of college. One day he came across a blog highlighting the benefits of freelancing on Elance. And as any other curious teenager would, Remington logged onto Elance and decided to try making some money from his favorite hobby – animation graphic design.

After one month on Elance, Remington declared his independence as a line cook and is now earning double on Elance as an animation graphic designer. Since there aren’t a lot of opportunities for graphic designs in Idaho, Elance offers a really fun and practical way for him to gain career experience and make some extra money. Plus, he won’t have to go back to cooking.