Sarah R

We love making a difference.

"Freelancing has given me the ability to escape corporate America by moving to Puerto Rico and living my dream of owning a farm."
Sarah R , Writer

Stressed-out by American corporate life, Sarah Ratliff’s dream was always to write professionally and earn a living through her elegant prose. Recently this came to fruition after discovering Elance and began putting her word processor to work in the highly-specialized health and lifestyle market.

But as Owner of Coqui Prose, Sarah is more than fulfilling her economic dream. Elance also allows her to live the dream of residing on a serene farm in rural Puerto Rico (she and her husband fell in love with the island during a much-needed vacation after being stressed in corporate America). Having quit her high level job and purchased the property, Sarah can now work for clients around the globe – not an easy task if you don’t have an abundant online market at your fingertips. In the past two years Sarah and her team of writers have created over 400 pieces for Elance clients, and has quickly moved into the top 5 of all Elance writers. Not bad for a niche writer in a remote location, eh? Ahhh, life is good.