Thomas H

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“Through freelancing on Elance I have found my true path in life. I was never meant to be someone's employee. Being laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me!”
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Thomas H, Writer & Editor

For many writers the desire to put pen to paper comes from a deep and strong desire within. For Thomas Hauck, it first came out of necessity – although the passion to write was always there as well. You see, Thomas began freelance writing and editing on Elance after being laid off from his full-time job (as the local economy took a turn for the worse).

Fortunately Thomas has always had a knack for storytelling, and in the past four years he has continued to grow his business as a success ghost writer and editor. He’s now able to shake the bad local economy and remain self-employed, being his own boss and setting his own hours. Through Elance he’s also able to meet and work with clients all over the world, another dream-come-true for Thomas.